Wild fishing crucian carp, why someone explosion protection someone hit turtle, fishing veteran’s full set of fishing crucian carp methods are in this

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Now is the peak time of fishing crucian carp, someone burst protection someone hit turtle, is the problem of resources?If there’s a whole river or a whole reservoir where you can’t catch fish, that’s a resource problem. If it’s a place like that, anglers, would you go?Under the same resources, how to catch a good crucian carp?This issue super pot with you to understand the wild carp fishing method of two, offensive fishing method and defensive fishing method.Basic knowledge, old drivers please detour, dry goods to share, suggest collection forward.The concept of basic preparation should be clear.Do not think in case carp grass carp into the nest how to do, the hook is not to be bigger, the line to be thick.I am fishing crucian carp rather than what fish are fishing, only peace of mind fishing crucian carp, can catch well, catch much.Want to catch good, catch much, line group collocation is about fine, this is a foundation, mainline can be a bit thick appropriately, sub line must be fine.The normal crucian carp in the wild is generally about half catties, no. 3 to no. 5 sleeve hook is enough, if the individual is larger, you can use no. 5 or 6 Izu, Haishi hook.Crucian carp hook mainly has several characteristics, hook thin, hook handle long, narrow hook door.These hooks are for catching big fish. The hooks are thick.Poor entrance, just like we eat things to bite the sand, it is uncomfortable to eat.Mainline 1.0/1.2/1.5 can, sub-line 0.6/0.8/1.0 everyone master.The current season is not winter, the line group can be appropriately bigger, although the main fish is carp, 3-5 kg of carp can be taken up.The line can’t be bigger. The big fish cut and cut.Today iron heart, target fish, carp.That’s how you catch better. You catch more.Carp individual small, drift can be adjusted more sensitive, such as 4 orders fishing 1 or 2 orders, carp individual big, can catch a ton point, 4 orders fishing 3 orders or 1 order fishing 1 order.There is no particular emphasis on the size of float lead for wild fishing. Long rods eat lead larger, while short rods eat lead smaller.In good casting, the eyes can see the situation as far as possible to choose small lead.Now this season, wild fishing crucian carp water depth is generally about 2 meters, dozens of centimeters of shallow water, as long as there are obstacles or water grass block, generally there will be fish.If the water depth is more than 3 meters, the number of crucian carp will be very small.Those are the basics. Now on to offensive fishing.Offensive fishing method this fishing method is mainly for small individual crucian carp, only small individual crucian carp number is large, catch more.Pull bait pull frequency, only pull bait just fast, can be bait pull, also can be earthworm pull, also can be red worm pull, also can be meat clip mo.Time is limited, I will not introduce earthworm pull or red worm pull here, the owner selling fishing gear will tell you how to open.I have talked about the recipe of rou jia mo in the previous video, you can refer to it.The float of the offensive fishing method should be adjusted sensitively, to catch 1 eye or to catch 2 eyes.If you overcatch, you will miss out on a lot of effective fish, affecting the overall catch.The lead feed of the float should be low, and the lead feed should be high.The most important thing about this fishing method is that you don’t let go, even if it’s a small bite.As long as the hook is not big, the catch rate will not be bad.The offensive fishing method pays attention to the frequency, the frequency should be fast in the early stage, the highest state is the bait in front just to the end, the bait behind again.It’s going to keep falling, not much, but fast.Can be bait, can be loose cannon.If you go to a big water surface, you may not have fish for a whole day. This is also the place where many people are confused. The online masters will have fish after a few rods, and their hands will be bubbling, but no serious fish.Targeted, not all places are suitable for this fishing method.Defensive fishing method small miscellaneous fish nest, how can catch fish, this is passive defensive fishing method.It is also the most commonly used method of fishing.Although the early offensive type is not fast, the good fish is not bad, the individual will be much bigger.Many fishing friends like to use the bottom nesting material to open a lump directly hit the nest, although this atomization is good, recruit are all small fish, fish more time with wine rice, wheat, grain wheat these particles of nesting, like hands can cook, the effect of cooking is much better than buying, I have a video in front of the cooking.These nesting materials do not have powder baits, and although the nesting speed is slow, they are effective in avoiding small fish.Don’t fish immediately after the nest, wait half an hour or an hour to fish, fish together, the nest inside the fish will be more.There are also fewer stray fish when the target fish come into the nest.After the fishing rod is thrown out, the hook bait can not reach the bottom, you can hang wheat on the hook first, or earthworms.And then pinch bait, wrapped in the hook of wheat, earthworm red worm, that is, wrapped food fishing method.Another way is to catch the fish and run the lead. You can make a removable movable lead pendant by yourself. You can hang the pendant when the miscellaneous fish drift.This activity is covered in the previous video about lead running in water.Run lead to distinguish effective mouth and ineffective mouth, run lead to catch a meal, when the top drift time to immediately lift the pole, this is to eat bait to turn around or look up the action, 10 dozen 9.The core of the defensive fishing method is frequently repair nest, every once in a while, or catch a two crucian carp will need to repair nest, do not dare to repair nest because there are many miscellaneous fish inside the nest, do not fill nest crucian carp is not easy to come in, even in the nest material is eaten by small miscellaneous fish, also can not stay.The more small miscellaneous fish, the more frequently to fill the nest, we must ensure that carp into the nest after eating, so that they will stay.The time of nesting nesting material, according to the number of small miscellaneous fish in the nest, the premise is that the small miscellaneous fish can not eat.Generally used wine rice, wine rice light weight, falling noise is small, basically will not alarm fish.I am your most sincere fishing friend super pot, please hope big parents by the point of support!