Civil Aviation Administration of China: Deeply reflect on China Eastern MU5735 aircraft flight accident on March 21

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On April 6, the civil aviation administration held a national teleconference on civil aviation security, seriously implement the recent general secretary xi important instructions memorandum spirit and prime minister li keqiang important instructions, the standing committee of the political bureau of the central related conference spirit, convey the spirit of national teleconference on production safety and the State Council committee put forward the safe production of article 15 of important measures,Report the recent industry safety inspection and supervision, and plan the next stage of safety work.Feng Zhenglin, director of the Civil Aviation Administration, stressed at the meeting that the whole industry should further deepen the understanding of aviation safety rules, correctly understand the current safety situation of the industry, tighten responsibility, deepen the investigation and rectification of safety risks, cheer up, start again, resolutely ensure the absolute safety of aviation operation, to ensure the absolute safety of people’s lives.Dong Zhiyi, deputy director general of CAAC, presided over the meeting, while Lu Erxue, Cui Xiaofeng and Liu Fang, deputy director general of CAAC, attended the meeting.Feng zhenglin pointed out that China Eastern MU5735 aircraft flight accident on March 21 should be deeply reflected, and further deepen the understanding of the “five attributes” of aviation safety.We should deepen the understanding of the political attribute of aviation safety work.Aviation safety is directly linked to the “great power of the country”. We must ensure the absolute safety of aviation operations and the absolute safety of people’s lives.Aviation safety directly reflects the party’s governing concept, do a good job of aviation safety must respect life, is to implement the people-centered governing concept of concrete embodiment;Aviation security is directly related to national security. We must take an extremely responsible attitude, be extremely sensitive and vigilant, and take more practical and effective measures to ensure aviation security.It is necessary to deepen the understanding of the economic attributes of aviation safety.If an enterprise wants to develop and make profits, it must fly well and safely.Safety accidents will not only bring serious economic losses to the enterprises involved, but also have a serious impact on the economic operation of the industry, and even affect the national economic operation.We should deepen the understanding of the social attribute of aviation safety work.Aviation safety is closely related to social stability, aviation safety is linked to thousands of households, people’s concern about aviation safety is actually concerned about their own life safety.To deepen the understanding of aviation safety work business attributes.Civil aviation work is highly professional and technical, which is not only reflected in the daily safety operation and safety management, but also reflected in the emergency response of accidents.We should deepen the understanding of the cultural attributes of aviation safety work.Safety culture is directly related to safety results. All units in the industry should review and reflect on their own enterprise safety culture, fully reflect the basic values and code of conduct of industry culture in their own enterprise culture construction, and assume more social responsibilities.Feng called for dynamic zeroing and thorough investigation and management of potential safety hazards in the civil aviation sector.We must resolutely implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and the requirements of central leaders, thoroughly investigate and rectify risks and hidden dangers, and pay close attention to the overlapping of old and new risks in our industries.In the understanding of security ideology, we should establish the idea of “people-centered” and the idea of “people first, life first”.In terms of professional team construction, it pays attention to personnel training and qualification management of key professional positions such as flight, air traffic control, aircraft maintenance and operation control, and cares about employees.In the implementation of rules and standards, to ensure that rules and standards keep pace with The Times, rules and standards enforcement orders and prohibitions;On the safety management chain, we will give full play to the effectiveness of the safety management system and improve the dual prevention mechanism of graded risk prevention and control and hidden trouble investigation and management.In terms of security capability, it focuses on the operation risks of “small scattered change to short” transport airlines and small and medium-sized airports and general aviation companies;In the implementation of safety responsibility, further improve the “party and government responsibility, one post and two responsibilities, joint efforts, dereliction of duty accountability” and “three management and three must” responsibility system.For the safety inspection the problems found, home resolutely and rectification in place, especially on strengthen the security responsibility to implement the key, truly the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the national safety in production picturephone meeting the relevant requirements to civil aviation safety inspection, into the order of the civil aviation safety production responsibility system.All production and operation units should grasp the relationship between safety and development, safety and efficiency, safety and service, and safety and normalcy, and promptly rectify the situation. Leading officials should strictly fulfill their responsibilities as the first responsible person, and regulatory departments should fulfill their safety supervision responsibilities and keep a close eye on aviation safety.To continue to expand the cognition to the aviation safety knowledge boundary, to strengthen the real time monitoring, early warning of aviation safety risk and auxiliary decision-making technology aspects of basic research, really should guard against “grey rhino”, be more vigilant about “black swan”, trying to use big probability thinking to prevent small probability event, systemic risk does not occur firmly hold the bottom line.Feng stressed the need to cheer up, start again, and strive to create new achievements in the development of civil aviation safety.We should look objectively at the overall achievements of civil aviation safety work, which is the mainstream and main line of China’s civil aviation safety operation situation, as well as the fundamentals and basic disk of safety performance.We should take a proper view of the solid foundation of civil aviation safety, and continue to adhere to systematic, standardized safety management methods that are in line with international rules and at the same time have distinct Chinese characteristics.Will continue to stick to the overall rhythm of the civil aviation development seek improvement in stability, maintain strategic concentration, adhere to the “steady character overhead, seek improvement in stability”, firmly adhere to the “keep the bottom line, stabilizing expectations, strong foundation, dig potential mention quality, increase efficiency, and innovation performance” of the working principle and working requirements of “five stability” as our system cope with the challenge of various risks of comprehensive.Especially at present, party committees and leaders at all levels should stabilize the thinking of the team, and try their best to solve practical problems and ensure their physical and mental health by earnestly aiming at the difficulties, focal points and pain points in the work, study and life of employees. In particular, they should do a good job in the ideological work of the pilot group and lay a solid foundation for the safe operation of the frontline.Feng Zhenglin finally stressed that the industry must be painful experience, adhere to the “people first, life is the highest”, the “3. 21” earnestly cea MU5735 aircraft flight accident aftermath handling work, on the basis of finding out the cause of the accident, seriously sum up experience lesson, comprehensively strengthen security work, to ensure aviation absolutely safe operation and to ensure people’s life is absolutely safe.At the conclusion of the meeting, Dong Zhiyi pointed out that all regions, enterprises and public institutions of civil aviation should organize and convey the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, The instructions of Premier Li Keqiang and the spirit of the meeting as soon as possible, so as to ensure full coverage and no dead spots.To further establish and improve the safety responsibility system, strict, tight and compact safety responsibility;We should attach great importance to the stability of the team and strengthen humanistic care.The whole industry should further strengthen its awareness of potential dangers and bottom-line thinking, continue to conduct in-depth and efficient investigations and remediation of potential safety hazards, firmly shoulder the major political responsibility of ensuring safety and stability, and firmly uphold the bottom line of civil aviation safety.Lu erxue pointed out at the meeting, the industry safety inspection and supervision will continue to take appropriate ways, the whole industry to further improve the political position, adhere to the bottom line of safety, safety responsibility consolidation;We must take preventive measures first and place equal emphasis on attack and defense to ensure air defense security.Ensuring stability is the top priority, and coordinating aviation safety and epidemic prevention and control.Each administration should adhere to a long time to work, the inspection found the implementation of key hidden dangers supervision, to ensure that the hidden problems continue to rectify, one by one rectification rectification.He stressed that the dynamic clearance of hidden problems to the most prominent position, in accordance with the “four most strict” deployment, “six up” requirements, with “eyes not sand” attitude and nail spirit, fundamentally eliminate hidden problems, solve the problem.It is reported that in March 22 ~ April 6 to carry out the industry safety inspection, the production and operation units to the inspection as an opportunity to their own safety operation management carried out a comprehensive physical examination, while checking and changing, timely check loopholes and deficiencies, very good investigation and rectification of a number of security risks.The regional administrations of CAAC have conducted in-depth operations in key units and key contents by means of “four no and two straight”, open inspection and secret investigation, etc., to help production and operation units to check and treat hidden dangers, which has achieved good results.March 29 to April 1, the civil aviation administration of unfairness to the regulators of the seven areas and part of the unit operation, such as field supervision, remote spot check, video supervision way to carry out the safety supervision spot check, to have found in safe thought, chain operation management, professional team construction and security, etc, put forward the question of specific rectification requirements.The chief engineer and all civil servants of Civil Aviation Administration of China, the principal persons in charge of China Aviation Information Technology Co., LTD., China Aviation Oil Corporation and China Aviation Materials Group Corporation, the principal persons in charge of party and government departments directly under CAAC,Major party and government leaders and responsible persons in charge of safety of each regional administration and supervision bureau of CAAC, each transport (general) aviation company and airport company, and each service guarantee enterprise and maintenance unit attended the meeting at the main and branch meeting places respectively.(Source: Official website of Civil Aviation Administration of China)