From a shock!Grant 22+4 Butler injury to retire, replacement hero 29+5 to turn the tide, rookie burst

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The Heat beat the Pistons 105-98 on Sunday (Beijing time).Cunningham missing the game, so the game piston want to beat the heat was more difficult, and the heat had the lead in the game, but in the third section of surprising, however, was the heat of the downturn to take the chance of piston, but in the fourth quarter the heat find offensive with the pistons played emi,The Pistons couldn’t match the Heat’s offense in the clutch, and the Heat refused to pull off an upset.After the first quarter, the two teams were in a slump offensively, but the Heat gradually took the lead thanks to the play of Robinson and others. However, the Pistons were able to stay close with the help of Sadiq Bay and others, and then Hero and Lowry led the team to open the game and the Heat led by seven points at the end of the first quarter.In the second quarter, Bagley and Olynyk led the team to a comeback. Oladipo and Adebayor scored to stop the bleeding, but the Heat regained the lead with a six-point halftime lead thanks to heroo’s burst.The Heat were off their game in the third quarter, when the Pistons found their groove and went on a 19-0 run to take a five-point lead at the end of the third.The pistons relied on Rivers to hold the game together in the fourth quarter, but it was Heroo’s individual play that gave the Heat the lead and the pistons lost the game.Piston lose the game, but they also calculate this game is a good try, after all, the game or the short piston major general, but they still in the game with the Miami heat beat in combat, but it is a pity to the critical moment of piston were exposed the problem here, they don’t have a tough player to help the team score,Grant and others didn’t do that, and the Pistons lost the game because of it.Rivers finished the game with 16 points, six rebounds and two assists on 6-for-7 shooting, while Grant added 22 points and four rebounds.Although heat is ultimately win win narrowly missed, but he was experiencing a lot of twists and turns in the game, especially in the third quarter of the downturn to the chance of a piston reversals, but behind the stern Ruth to help the team do not say, is even more crucial moments at the end of the fourth quarter substitute midfielder herodias came out and pick up the slack,It was his individual play that helped the Heat pull away and seal the win, but it was important for Him to step up when Butler was out, finishing with 29 points, five rebounds and four assists.But in this game he butler still make the heat, the game away from a sprained right ankle, butler will not return to the game, before that butler 9 2 had eight points and two rebounds in 3 assists, although now poor offensive efficiency butler, but his sense of the heat is not the same,Let’s just hope Butler’s all right here.For the rest of the Heat, Lowry had six points, seven rebounds and four assists, Tucker had five points, five rebounds and one assist, Adebayor had 16 points, eight rebounds and three assists, and Troy Struth had 16 points and three rebounds.Oladipo had two points and two assists.