Gac Trumpchi GS4 PLUS interprets what is all-powerful and refuses to be biased!

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In a big market for compact SUVs, the Trumpchi GS4 is a legend in its own right.In 2015, the first generation trumpchi GS4 was officially launched, and the monthly sales of the new car exceeded 10,000 units only in the third month of its launch. In 2016, the monthly sales even reached 35,000 units.Now, trumpchi GS4 has formed a family, including Trumpchi GS4, Trumpchi GS4 COUPE, Trumpchi GS4 PLUS and Trumpchi GS4 PHEV. The Trumpchi GS4 PLUS was just launched in June this year. The Trumpchi GS4 PLUS is not only based on the MODULAR PLATFORM of GAC TRUMpchi GPMA.It is also integrated with julang Power platform and ADiGO intelligent driving Internet ecosystem, which is very competitive from the perspective of book data.But then again, anyone can do powerpoint. I just took the Trumpchi GS4 PLUS for an in-depth test drive in Chongqing, and now I want to share with you my experience of driving the GS4 PLUS and see if it’s as good as the PPT.First look at the trumpchi GS4 PLUS appearance design, compared to trumpchi GS4, the difference between the two is very obvious.The Trumpchi GS4 PLUS comes in two different design styles, the main difference being the front grille, which is divided into shock wing and Star Wing.Diversified choices, to meet the aesthetic needs of different users.”Shock Wing” is a straight waterfall grid design, more visual impact;”Star wing” is the use of parametric grille design, more fashion sense, and the author’s test drive is “Shock wing” design model.At first glance, the trumpchi GS4 PLUS gives people the impression of being very ambitious. The X-shaped LED daytime running lights on both sides enhance the sense of technology of the whole nose and make it very recognizable.When it comes to the side, the perfect body proportion and smooth waist line make the Trumpchi GS4 PLUS feel sporty.The new 19-inch aluminum alloy dual-color multi-spoke wheel hub looks more fashionable indeed.The tail is also full of small details, but the manufacturer called “Phoenix feather” taillight group modeling design is very eye-catching.After the full LED light source is lit, the interior is a small light bead, and at the same time there is the effect of running water lamp, very eye-catching.Chinese consumers have always attached great importance to the space performance of vehicles. Trumpchi GS4 PLUS, since it has “PLUS” in its name, must have its advantages in space performance.In terms of parameters, trumpchee GS4 PLUS has a length, width and height of 4710/1885/1726mm and a wheelbase of 2710mm. Compared with most compact SUVs on the market, this size is obviously outstanding and lives up to the name of “PLUS”.From the actual test drive experience, so it is.In the trumpchi GS4 PLUS, the seat is comfortable enough, but also a certain degree of packaging, the body is not easy to slide sideways during large turns.The chair cushion and the back of the chair are very wide and soft, and the waist support is sufficient, even if it is not easy to fatigue driving for a long time, which is particularly obvious in the author’s long test drive.In the second row, the Trumpchi GS4 PLUS is also a surprise. It’s a compact SUV, but it feels like a midsize SUV.In addition, the trumpchi GS4 PLUS has 670L of trunk space and a large storage space for 16 20-inch suitcases when the rear seats are inverted.Configuration: entry level with high, the car can also play a car machine system can be fun to what extent?If you can use your mouth, don’t use it. It has all kinds of mobile phones. This is my real feeling after driving the GAC Trumpchi GS4 PLUS.Driving gaC Trumpchi GS4 PLUS allows you to choose CarPlay and CarLife by yourself. Of course, I prefer CarPlay. After connecting to it, YOU can enjoy the handy APP on your mobile phone.Of course, for the Trumpchi GS4 PLUS, there’s no need to rely on a phone.Trumpchi GS4 PLUS has a supersensible intelligent cockpit that enables immersive intelligent interactive experience in all scenes and processes. Just say “Hello, Trumpchi” and you can wake up the AI voice. However, most of the functions in the car are controlled by voice.In addition, the 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel equipped in the car can also realize the screen projection of map navigation. When driving, you can always grasp the navigation information by looking directly at the instrument panel, thus avoiding the hidden dangers caused by looking at the navigation.In addition, cheji APP also built-in volcano car entertainment, Qimiao camera and other entertainment applications, can achieve one-click control of selfie, video recording, etc., while also playing some guessing songs, idioms and other small games.The in-car camera could also be upgraded via OTA in the future to capture travel videos and more.Power: Giant wave power, do not do partial science students know that Chongqing has always had the title of 8D magic city, Chongqing mountainous environment compared to plain city, the power of vehicles has a higher level of test.The main driving place of the author is Nanshan in Chongqing, and the winding road is the main driving place. This is not a small test for the vehicle’s power and chassis, and the Trumpchi GS4 PLUS does not disappoint.When driving on winding mountain road, the vehicle gives a person’s feeling is very powerful, leaving aside 0-100km/h acceleration 7.5s results, on the back of the kind of abundant power reserve, and small displacement compact SUV in the rear climb dry roar does not go form a sharp contrast.The reason is that the Trumpchi GS4 PLUS is equipped with a sufficiently excellent GAC Trumpchi giant wave power.Julang Power Platform is the result of more than ten years of technology accumulation of GAC Trumpchi, including engine and gearbox two core technology areas;Juslang power engine covers three platforms: 1.5L, 2.0L and DHE, all of which use GAC GCCS combustion control system technology.Trumpchi GS4 PLUS, created by Julang Power Platform, is equipped with the third-generation 2.0TGDI engine. In addition to meeting the national vi emission standards, it also adds in-cylinder direct injection technology and is supported by many patented technologies of GAC to achieve the maximum power of 185kW and peak torque of 390N • m.Compared with the previous generation 2.0t engine, the maximum torque is increased by 22%, and the maximum power is increased by 25%, making it one of the strongest groups in the same class.In addition, the transmission of trumpchi GS4 PLUS is also from aisin’s 6AT gearbox. The 2.0t +6AT powertrain is not enough for a compact SUV, and even a little too much.Many people are concerned that the engine displacement is too large to be a so-called “gas guzzler”. In fact, there is no need to worry about this. The official comprehensive fuel consumption data of the trumpchi GS4 PLUS 2.0T version is only 7.5L/100km.It is worth mentioning that trumpchi GS4 PLUS standard with the front McPherson + rear multi-link independent suspension, the overall tuning is also the kind of partial movement.In the sharp corner, the overall roll control is very good, the body cornering posture is good, to the driver’s confidence is very good, steering strength is also grasp just right, in terms of handling is also a top student, refused to bias.Write at the end:More importantly, the starting price of Trumpchi GS4 PLUS is only 126,800 yuan, while the 2.0T model’s starting price is only 142,800 yuan, which is far more cost-effective than its competitors at the same level. It is a perfect family SUV.