Not visiting relatives will become a trend in the near future

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Traditional Chinese New Year customs can be divided into three parts: having a reunion dinner, paying respects to ancestors, and visiting relatives and friends.Behaviors such as the reunion dinner and ancestor worship are quite common and do not cause any conflicts.But this matter of visiting relatives and friends, it caused a big contradiction.In your opinion, is it a good idea to visit friends and relatives?In an ideal sense, there is value in visiting relatives when they are happy and you and I are true to each other.At least, we can feel the festival and the warmth of human feelings.From a practical point of view, relatives are rarely happy and harmonious.Most of the time, it’s all about cheating and calculating each other.If relatives do not get along with each other and are not happy, then what is the point of paying New Year’s greetings?In recent years, someone has put forward such a view that the flavor of the New Year has been weakened since “visiting relatives and friends” was disliked by people.Relatives, this is a festive thing, but why will be abandoned?Everything is a matter of people’s minds, but also of ideas and materials.After all, you will understand that not visiting relatives will become the trend of the future, for several key reasons.02 money – based ideas, affecting the original peaceful affection.In the traditional smallholder era, in fact, what we adhere to is the idea of “parental position”.That is to say, the family, is what we must adhere to the fundamental.Why did Confucius put forward the concept of filial piety, and why did he put forward the concept of family?It is because “parental position” has always been the mainstream of small-scale peasant society.However, with the development of The Times, the material increasingly prominent, even overshadowed the spirit.At this time, “parental position” will be transformed into “money standard”.In your opinion, is the idea of money based right or wrong?In fact, very true.Because people rely on material to survive, but also rely on material to achieve their goals.When “money standard” becomes the mainstream, it is believed that relatives do not care too much about affection, but about money and material problems.For example, if you have money, a car and a house, believe that others will respect you and even admire you.On the other hand, if you have no money, car or house, your relatives will despise you and even do not want to communicate with you.Everything is very realistic.The tradition of the big family is dying out and the concept of the small family is becoming more prominent.If we want to understand tradition, we must distinguish between two concepts, one is “big family” and the other is “small family”.Countless families of the same blood are grouped together, that is the “extended family”.And one family becomes independent, that is the “little family”.In this day and age, people have a much stronger sense of individuality.To put it bluntly, people would rather live alone than have too much contact with relatives.In this regard, the ancients have a very good saying: each man sweeps the snow at his own door, not the frost on the tile of others.Everyone just cleans the snow in front of their own house, and doesn’t care what happens to others.This, seemingly particularly selfish, is actually the embodiment of the strengthening of “individual consciousness”.Why do some people prefer to stay at home rather than pay a New Year visit?Why do some people prefer to sleep at home rather than visit relatives and friends?Because individual freedom and comfort, is a big family can not give us.Therefore, it has gradually become a trend not to visit relatives during the Spring Festival.The mentality of not wanting to cause trouble gradually appears.In interpersonal communication, the most afraid is to encounter contradictions, and it is difficult to reconcile the contradictions.Why is that?Because conflict, will eventually let you get into unnecessary trouble.One reader wrote that he had met relatives who asked him to “borrow money” indirectly during the Spring Festival, and he had to pretend not to know and play tai Chi with them.So down, the day passed, and he did not feel what taste of New Year, only to feel the thick taste of money.So he thinks, less contact with relatives, even do not pay New Year’s call, is also a good thing.As long as we have been in contact with relatives, we understand that it has become a special culture to be disagreeable to relatives.That is to say, so-and-so people do not want you to live well, and even look down on you, after all, is the current trend.Just think, besides parents, who want us to live well?Everyone else, they just want us to get worse.At this time, all the troubles and contradictions will appear.And people, also slowly to “visit relatives and friends” this matter no sense.The feelings between people, not the most indifferent, only more indifferent.It has been suggested that the emotional relationship between people has reached a peak of indifference.Between husband and wife, will be more and more indifferent;Between parents and children, there will be more and more no feelings;Between relatives, will be more and more contradictions, and even fight endlessly.The reason why there is “indifference” is because the materialized life is changing our concept and the carrier of emotional sustenance.Just think, even family members will have disputes, how to talk about the relatives who are strangers?As the saying goes, if brothers do not share wealth, relatives do not visit each other.With the decline of “visiting friends and relatives”, the taste of The New Year will eventually become “tasteless”.With chicken ribs general, food without meat, abandoned unfortunately, it is not too much value.In the near future, with the gradual development of science and technology, the level of information transmission is more advanced, I believe that the situation of not going to the family will become a normal situation.There are deer in Shu Mountain