Anshan explored and promoted a new mechanism for resolving online consumer disputes

2022-06-26 0 By

Source: Liaoning DailyLiaoning Daily news reporter Liu Jiawei reported on March 16, the reporter learned from anshan Market supervision Administration, in order to adapt to the “Internet + consumer dispute processing” requirements, Anshan relying on 12315 platform, established online consumer dispute resolution (referred to as “ODR” system) new mechanism,Offline disputes will be resolved online, and consumers will be provided with a new way to protect their rights without going out, without running, and across districts.According to the introduction, Anshan city online consumption dispute resolution mechanism is refers to consumers through computers, mobile phone APP, wechat public number and other channels, at any time log in the national 12315 platform, check the “ODR enterprises enjoy faster and more efficient green channel” plate, can be complaints submitted and dispute reconciliation mechanism.Focusing on commercial complexes, large commercial supermarkets, business households in key hot areas, and 4A level or above scenic spots, the city actively guides enterprises to move forward their service ports, turn “mediation” into “reconciliation”, guide enterprises to effectively use big data technology of ODR system, master weak links in their own operations, and improve product and service quality.Up to now, Anshan has been divided into three batches of public ODR enterprises more than 30, including wanda square, big business new Mart and other commercial complex, rT-Mart and other large business super, the zoo and other amusement park scenic area also actively participate in the ODR system, is committed to the construction of a more smooth consumer rights system.In the next step, Anshan will continue to open the platform ODR port, continuously increase the number of enterprises entering the network through THE ODR, and use the new online complaint processing mode to consolidate the main responsibility of consumption rights protection of operators, reduce the cost of resolving disputes between operators and consumers, and create a safe and assured consumption environment for consumers.Responsible editor: Yin Wenzhuo