Here are 4 moments to give a man the cold shoulder if you want him to spoil you

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What does it feel like to be loved?This feeling, who can not say, but personally experienced this feeling, want to forget are not forget.Every woman is very eager for love. She wants to meet the right person as early as possible, wants to be accompanied by her lover every day, and wants to experience many different things with her lover.Men nine times out of ten are “untouchable bones”, the more you can’t get the more you want to get, and then you won’t cherish, don’t want to continue to love.The woman of other people’s house is always the most beautiful, his wife is always the ugliest.This is what many men really think, but they don’t say it out loud.Love a man, can not leave a man, will try to keep him, let his heart filled with you.Men like mystery, so when you get along with men, you should be mysterious, so that he can’t guess, can’t touch.The time of sexual intercourse, the woman dare not be angry to the man, the woman dare not not return the man’s message.Treat a man like this, but can not keep a man’s heart, will let a man think you are some worthless!Here are 4 moments to give a man the cold shoulder if you want him to spoil you.When dating with him, “one day, like three years”, and when dating with a man, the woman is very excited.When a woman sees a man, she usually rushes up and hugs him tightly.A man is tempted to spend more time with you, but when you take the initiative, he immediately changes his mind.He has a feeling that he wants to push you away. He doesn’t want to be around you anymore.Whether it’s when a guy is courting you, or when he’s in a relationship with you, you need to be reserved.You don’t take the initiative, he will be very unaccustomed to, he will revolve around you, you as the center!When you’re sick everyone gets sick and can’t get out of bed.When you’re sick, you feel lonely, you feel helpless, you need company, you need care.He’s your man. You need him. You want him to drop everything and come to you.Did not expect, you begged him, he not only do not feel distressed, but also to you have antipathy!In fact, at this time, you do not take the initiative to talk to him, he will be very upset.When he didn’t hear from you, he worried about you. He was afraid something would happen to you.He’s thinking about you, he’s going to find you, he’s going to take good care of you!When he ignores you, the woman is too active, will appear very cheap, in the man’s heart is not so important.Being cool once in a while will only do you good, not harm.When he ignores you because of the game or because of his friends, you should not ignore him.By treating him this way, he will remember you and understand that you are the most important.He will blame himself and make it up to you by spending more time with you.Her heart will only have you, he will spoil you alone, let you become the happiest woman.When a man makes a mistake, you forgive him, and he will never know what he did wrong.He doesn’t care how you feel, he still does, it doesn’t matter how much your heart hurts.Want to let a man spoil you alone, you have to go into a man’s heart, you have to let a man treat you sincerely.When he and the opposite sex play ambiguous, you do not beg him to return to your side, but snubbed him.He’ll notice a change in your attitude and realize he made a mistake.His heart will naturally come back to you, he will love you wholeheartedly, give you all he has!Emotional message: love, only by paying is not good, but also some “routine”.He loves you or not enough love you, you do not blindly love, do not humble please.Pure kind girl, is often the man most like to hurt the type.So, the woman should have a little “scheming”, to a little cold.Love is especially precious, you must fall in love with the right person, you must find a person worthy of lifelong trust.Everyone will have true love, will be happy, happy to spend every day.May you meet someone who loves you and be happy as soon as possible.