During the Spring Festival zhumadian social security situation continued to stabilize

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Henan daily newspaper correspondent in the countryside rhoswen FSB during the Spring Festival, public security organs of zhumadian resolutely implement the municipal party committee, municipal government and the provincial public security department arrangement deployment, closely around the “five fight, three guarantees” work objectives, fully carry forward the “feast of the masses, police stand guard” fine style of work, adhere to the bottom line of thinking, problem oriented,We will strictly and meticulously implement all security and stability measures.During the festival, the overall security and stability of the city’s social security, effective police situation, criminal police situation, police situation decreased 20.9%, 59.7%, 28%;Traffic alert decreased by 16% year on year, and there were no long-term traffic jams or major traffic fatalities.Zhumadian Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the safety and stability of the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics. It held meetings and issued special notices to make arrangements before and during the festival.February 1, zhumadian municipal party committee secretary BaoChangYong in the secretary of the party committee, deputy mayor, city public security bureau chief qin-sheng wang accompanied to zhumadian high-speed visit sympathy to a line, auxiliary police, police on duty for the city’s public security organs at all levels promote successive crucial grams, good style, down-to-earth to do a good job of the security during the Spring Festival,To ensure the overall social stability of the city, promote the city’s high-quality and leap-forward economic and social development to make greater contributions.On January 30, the Municipal Public Security Bureau held an expanded meeting of the Party Committee, and made special arrangements for the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics security work.On January 31 (New Year’s Eve), Wang Qinsheng visited jinhe Branch of the Public Security Bureau of the Economic Development Zone, the municipal detention center, the station of the urban railway station, zhumadian station of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, wenzhou Pedestrian Street and other places to supervise and inspect the implementation of security measures, and visited the police and auxiliary police on duty.On February 4, Wang Qinsheng presided over a video dispatching meeting of the city’s public security organs. In combination with the special actions of “six prevention and six promotion”, “Security protection” and the “four Major” activities, the security and stability maintenance work of the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics was rearranged and specific requirements were put forward.Party committee members of the Municipal Public Security Bureau went to grassroots public security organs to carry out sympathy and supervision, effectively promoting the implementation of various security measures.During the festival, the city’s public security organs at all levels of strict work measures, pay close attention to the implementation of work, resolutely safeguard political security, ensure social stability, to ensure people’s peace.First, we strengthened the investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes.Relying on the “one village one (1) a warning” mechanism and “SanLing” peace to create activities, deepen the “six six promote prevention” and the “big four” activities, in order to “spring, warm, safe” as the theme, organization and auxiliary police concentrated community police visited condolences to the masses, and actively help solve contradiction dispute, effectively prevent the hidden trouble in turn.Second, strengthening social patrol prevention and control.The municipal public security organs strictly implemented the “four mechanisms” of social patrol and prevention and control and the “one, three and five minute” rapid response mechanism. The special police dispatched a total of 5,623 police officers, 112 armed police officers, 1,437 motor vehicle patrol groups and 4,339 people, effectively maintaining the good public order of the city.With the “Sharp Sword” campaign as the vehicle, China maintained a strong crackdown on all types of criminal crimes, and launched an online hunt for fugitives. A number of suspects were arrested, a number of cases were solved, and illegal and criminal activities were effectively deterred.Third, we will strengthen public security barriers.We strengthened the management of key places, inspected 4,248 industries and places of all kinds, visited and inspected 1,572 rental houses, found and rectified 626 hidden security risks of various kinds, issued 51 notices of Ordering rectification of hidden security risks within a specified period, solved 53 criminal cases, detained 67 people, investigated and dealt with 406 public security cases, and detained 242 people.Realize all kinds of security risks dynamic “zero”.Strengthening traffic safety management, public security traffic control departments at the city and county levels went all out to hit the road, dispatching 3,427 police officers and 1,095 vehicles, launching seven law enforcement service stations, setting up 169 temporary duty stations, and investigating and handling 7,009 traffic violations, effectively ensuring the safety and smooth transportation of the public.To strengthen the maintenance of order in scenic spots, 395 police officers were dispatched to 5 tourist attractions of 4A level or above in the city, 15 security risks were investigated and rectified, 70 tourists were timely handled for alarm and help, and 21 conflicts and disputes were resolved, effectively maintaining the order of scenic spots.Fourth, strengthen regular epidemic prevention and control.We will strictly implement the requirements of “preventing the importation of COVID-19 from abroad and the rebound from COVID-19 at home”, strengthen the “four pockets”, and build a “digital defense line”.Fifth, strengthen team management and consolidate responsibilities at all levels.Strictly implement “double ten railway rules” and all police rules and regulations.The public security organs at all levels of the city reasonably deployed police force, scientifically used police cloth, prepared sufficient emergency response force in addition to the on-duty police force, and went all out to carry out security and stability maintenance work.Leading cadres at all levels, especially the “no. 1”, bow into the bureau, front-line command, shoulder responsibility, pay close attention to implementation.Editor: Mu Zi Review: He Xin