Huashan town: joint efforts to control open-air burning measures to win the battle to protect the blue sky

2022-06-27 0 By

At present, it is the critical period of spring fire prevention, open burning and forest fires are prone to occur, and during the Qingming Festival, open burning fire hazards are more prominent.In order to protect the ecological environment and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, recently, Huashan town through the “three measures” to vigorously grasp the open-air burning work, while actively guiding the masses of the village to carry out civilized worship sweep.Advance deployment, pay close attention to the implementation of the work before the holiday, hold open air burning special meeting, set up the burning work leading group, strictly implement the town, village, group cadres of household and land parcel of the grid management system, increase the implementation of responsibility.The responsibility is assigned to individuals, households, villages and localities to form a grid management ledger.Open burning project meeting to strengthen propaganda, strengthen the consciousness of civilization county-rural two-stage overall open prohibition and civilization martyrs’s propaganda, propaganda in every village road and public places, by hanging banners, Posting propaganda announcement, LED screen scroll to broadcast propaganda slogan, WeChat ID widely civilization sacrifice announcements, etc.At the same time the organization village cadres to the masses to issue leaflets, patiently explain the open-air ban burning policy and civilized worship notice, guide the masses of residents to establish a new style of civilized worship, abandon feudal customs.In order to advocate civilized sacrifice and practice the concept of ecological and environmental civilization, the Government of Huashan Town purchased a large number of flowers for sacrifice and distributed them to the masses to avoid fires and environmental pollution caused by burning ghost money.To strengthen the supervision of grid in all villages, and conduct supervision of grid supervision from time to time.Establish the report system of open-air burning prohibition, urge the town commission for discipline inspection to verify the fire point, and timely feedback processing results, firmly achieve “not a fire, not a wisp of smoke, not a black piece of land”, the work of open-air burning prohibition in our town to implement.Open burning inspector correspondent: Wei Lin Editor: Li Qianqian