Liaoning takes “unconventional” measures to protect migrant workers’ salaries

2022-06-27 0 By

Shenyang, February 20 (CNR.CN) news (trainee reporter Mai Feng) recently, Liaoning province issued the “Liaoning Province Construction of migrant workers in the field of wage deposit implementation Measures”, requiring the province’s engineering construction in the field of construction general contractors to the project as a unit to handle wage deposit, wage deposit is a special fund for special use,It shall not be used for other purposes except to pay off arrears of wages owed to migrant workers for projects contracted by the general contracting units.The general contractor of the construction shall, within 20 working days from the date of obtaining the construction permit (approval of the construction report) (for the project which does not need to apply for the construction permit or approval of the construction report, within 20 working days from the date of signing the construction contract),Open a special account for salary deposit with relevant materials.The wage deposit is stored in proportion to the construction contract amount (or annual contract amount).If the contract amount is more than 100 million yuan, 1% of the salary deposit shall be saved;If the contract amount is more than 30 million yuan to 100 million yuan, the deposit ratio is 1.5%;If the contract amount is more than 10 million yuan to 30 million yuan, 2% of the salary deposit shall be saved;If the contract amount is less than 10 million yuan (including 10 million yuan), 3% of the salary deposit shall be saved.Where the contract amount is less than 3 million yuan and the general contractor for construction of the project has not incurred wage arrears within one year prior to the signing of the construction contract, the wage deposit for the project shall be exempted.If the general contractor for construction has delayed the payment of wages to migrant workers in the areas under the administration of wages and deposits within 2 years prior to the deposit of wages and deposits or the submission of the letter of guarantee, the deposit proportion of wages and deposits shall be increased by 50%.For those who are included in the list of “serious trust-breaking subjects” due to their arrears in wages, the deposit ratio of wages will be increased by 100 percent.Struggle for life (epicenter wide net Zhang Beishe) construction general contracting unit project contracted by the occurrence of wage arrears for migrant rural workers, the human resources of the social security administration department in accordance with the law to instruct deadline pay or pay off the first administrative punishment decisions, construction general contracting unit, refuses to perform the expiration of apanage social security administrative department of human resources can use pay the security deposit,Issue the Notice of Payment of Wage Deposit for Migrant Workers, and notify the construction contractor and the handling bank in writing.The handling bank shall, within 5 working days upon receipt of the payment notice, pay the corresponding amount of money from the wage deposit account to the migrant workers designated by the human resources and social security administrative department by bank transfer.