Ren Jialun and Chen Meng “revisited the old place”, the photo of them is a story

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Ren Jialun and Chen Meng “revisited the old place”, the photo of the two is a story.One is an entertainer in the entertainment circle, and one is a “national player” in table tennis. How did the two people come together?Yesterday, Ren Jialun posted a message on her microblog: “A rare opportunity and @Chen Meng-Table tennis has returned to the place where we trained as children. More than 20 years ago, we sweated here. Now we have a short reunion.Later, Chen meng posted the same message, only “@Chenmeng-ping Pong” became “@Ren Jialun Allen”.Of course these two didn’t get together for no reason, there must be a story behind it.It turned out that Ren Jialun had played ball with Chen Meng in this place when he was a child.It’s no surprise, then, that the two were happy to pose for a photo during their visit.Perhaps, some netizens only know Ren Jialun as a handsome man in the entertainment industry.Ren Jialun may not know the talent of playing table tennis since childhood.This kind of talent is rare in people!Of course, can not kind of expertise and resources lost, therefore, Ren Jialun he entered the provincial table tennis team when he was 9 years old.However, life played a trick on Ren Jialun.Because of his frequent injuries in training, he could not continue to succeed in table tennis.Ren jialun’s dream of becoming an excellent table tennis player was dashed.In this way, Ren Jialun reluctantly left his beloved table at the age of 16.Therefore, although Ren Jialun has made considerable achievements in the entertainment industry today, but he is not a professional background, and was even asked directly by the director on the spot “where to find actors”.In other words, because Ren isn’t a trained actor, he has to work harder than most actors who attended “film school” or “art school.”After seeing Ren’s post, netizens left comments saying “the handsome boy finally got together with his friends.””Oh my God!!Where I trained when I was a child, even when the wind blows, I can’t forget your name, life can be sweet or bitter, boring and ordinary, but I can’t live without you.The female netizen’s comment is not only funny, but also meaningful: After surfing for years, this is the first time I take it so seriously.I took the phone with uneasy mood staring at the screen, slow to start.I’m afraid if I say it, bloggers will think I’m sucking up, and I’m afraid my comments will mislead subsequent users.To write this review, I had to drink six bottles of milk to feel confident.I objective, fair, honestly write down their own evaluation: Ren Jialun!You are the most handsome man I have ever met. Thank you!Ren Jialun is handsome and good character.Versatile, he walked on the road of “all-round” development these years.The wind is blowing, so to speak.(This article is original, welcome to reprint.This article is found by Lao Sun village original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!