Shoplifting and bragging about it?Arrest and bring to justice quickly!

2022-06-27 0 By

It’s maddening when a motorbike or battery is stolen from a parked car, but it’s even more maddening when the suspect is so proud of his success that he even takes photos and videos to show off on social media.After seeing this, many netizens have @police…On February 27, 2022, liubei Police, Liuzhou, Guangxi, according to the clues, under the support of the careful work of the network security department, the criminal suspect who stole a number of electric cars and batteries and showed off the video was arrested.When you see a video of a man in black slacks and a gray long-sleeved T-shirt loading batteries into the back of an open-back minivan, it’s hard to associate it with theft.But when you see a caption like, “Last night’s lucky battery,” you are surprised. This is arrogant.This is not the man’s first crime, he brazenly described his theft as “work”, after the “off”.The most exasperating thing is that he didn’t forget to upload a video to show off!In his videos, he often shows his “war results” with phrases such as “Simple 130 off work” and “Sunshine 100 randomly selected lucky viewers walking home tonight.””Continue tonight!” he shouted in the comments section when challenged by netizens.Aggressive…The videos were posted on social media and spread widely, causing bad effects locally.Lack of money to steal to make a living unexpectedly after finding out, liu North police quickly set out to capture it.After the trial, the suspect Wei sheng on its theft of electric vehicles and battery behavior confessed.According to his confession, he dropped out of school and had no means of living at home, so he began to steal electric cars and batteries as early as October 2020.After stealing electric cars and batteries for many times, he got carried away and showed off relevant videos of stealing batteries on kuaishou platform to attract attention and obtain inner satisfaction.At present, the case is still in further trial.Know it is illegal to steal something incredibly still dare to send video to show off the brain circuits are invincible praise for Internet police report netizens carry, bang bang da picture screenshots guangxi Internet police to edit | materials | | network xiao-feng huang/Chen Guowan source: bureau of the Ministry of Public Security may be