Stick to the bus of “Spring Walking grassroots”

2022-06-27 0 By

The Spring Festival is a day of family reunion. When everyone is immersed in the festive atmosphere of the lantern decoration, there are always some people who give up their homes to take care of everyone and silently stick to their posts.Zhengzhou bus fifth operation company 14 road chief Qiu Xinwei is one of them.On January 31, reporters came to 14 embankment Liu bus station.”Hello, please wear a mask and take the initiative to scan the code for registration, thank you!”.Qiu Xinwei, who is about to leave, is reminding everyone who gets on.Qiu Xinwei, 42, is from Huaiyang, Zhoukou.It has been 11 years since he joined the bus group in 2010. For several years, he has been working alone in Zhengzhou while his wife takes care of his parents at home.In the past 11 years, regardless of summer rain, winter snow, cold and heat, he always sticks to his job and tries his best to serve passengers and facilitate citizens.This Spring Festival, Qiu xinwei had planned to take a break to visit his elderly parents and spend time with his wife and children.Faced with the company’s call to celebrate the Spring Festival locally, he once again chose to stay and stick to it.Qiu Xinwei said this is the third time in a row he did not go home for the New Year, masters that they do not go home this year, the eyes are lost, Qiu Xinwei’s heart is also very uncomfortable, but his parents’ understanding and wife support and let him have the power.Instead, she kept comforting him: “As long as the heart of our family is together, it doesn’t matter where we celebrate the New Year. You don’t have to worry about home. I will take good care of your parents and you take good care of yourself in Zhengzhou.His wife’s words made him secretly determined to work hard, do a good job of prevention and control measures, do not bring chaos to the company, not to the society, make this special Spring Festival more meaningful.Having worked in the public transport business for more than 10 years, Qiu xinwei has long been accustomed to such festivals as eating dumplings cooked by himself, feeling the rare silence on the road and chatting with his family via video. This is his unique foreign Spring Festival.Qiu Xinwei interprets the dedication spirit of “hard work for me, convenient for thousands of people” with hard sweat, and practices the oath of “passenger oriented, service first” with “persistence on the bus”.In zhengzhou bus operating company commander xue-fang li another 47 road 5, after receiving the non-essential, don’t go home after initiative, their positive response, not only to hold the Spring Festival from zheng, epidemic prevention and control also lead the propaganda, called on other worker completes the protective measures, not necessary, at the same time xue-fang li also posted in their vehicles and epidemic prevention tips,Themed carriages were made to educate passengers about epidemic prevention.Li xuefang, who has worked in the industry for more than six years, missed many holidays with her family.Whenever talking about parents, her eyes are always some moist, although the Spring Festival especially want to go back home to see mom and dad, but for the majority of passengers and reunion, she still chose to stay with the bus.On New Year’s Eve, the city is filled with a festive atmosphere, many couples shuttle in theaters, shopping malls, hand in hand to welcome the arrival of the New Year.On the last bus of 47 road and 14 road bus, Li Xuefang and Qiu Xinwei are still holding the steering wheel and shuttling through the streets and alleys of Zhengzhou. They carefully operate the flow of “home” to ensure the majority of passengers reunion.