Weather forecast: heavy snowstorm to attack, even next 6 days, inverted cold has become a foregone conclusion?Look at the proverb

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Introduction: Suddenly like the night spring breeze, thousands of pear trees open.Early this morning, from the window overlooking, snow flying, snow blocking the door.Heavy snowstorm has come, six days in a row, is this year’s spring cold has come?Inverted cold weather has become a foregone conclusion?Today is the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, a no-taboo day, is also a very good day, 66 dashun, open the year has good luck.Today is also the peak season of the Spring Festival travel rush.A large number of migrant workers return to the day, I hope that every person leaving their homes to work outside the people, this year make a fortune, bonanza.However, the weather is not beautiful today, the rain and snow in the central and eastern areas of China in a wide range of weather, snow in some areas, heavy snow, drifting, may affect the traffic.Hope in the place of snow storm, travel attention safety, go out to wear clothes, especially animal husbandry to do a good job of warm measures.The national meteorological center the latest weather forecast: on February 6, 8 February 7 to 8, in southern and eastern eastern gansu, ningxia southern, western and southern shaanxi, henan, guizhou north, most of northern hubei, hunan, anhui, jiangxi northern, central and southern jiangsu, zhejiang, and other areas have to heavy snow, or sleet.Among them, southwest Hubei, Anhui Dabie mountain area, southeast Gansu and other places have heavy snowfall, 24 hours of snowfall in 10~13 mm.For example, tianshui, Gansu province is now snow, snow wrapped, especially enchanting.Especially to the mountain apple trees and poured a natural water, early spring fruit trees will sprout, blossom, can be said to be “spring snow as expensive as oil” ah, to solve the local drought, so this is another bumper harvest year!In particular, overnight snow, in eastern Qinghai, eastern Gansu, central Tibet and other places in the depth of new snow in 1 to 7 cm, Qinghai Haixi and Gansu Dingxi local snow depth of 17 cm, and Tibet Nyalam snow depth of 66 cm, reached the extreme blizzard.At present, the warm and wet airflow of the southern branch is continuously transporting a large amount of water vapor from east to north. When the cold air from the north comes, effective rain and snow weather will be formed, which will last for 6 days. The next wave of heavy precipitation will be on February 12th to 13th.And this round of rain and snow is the most extensive so far this year, the largest precipitation process.Now it is the third day of The start of spring, can we say that the reverse cold really come?Is cold weather a foregone conclusion this year?First sister take you to see rural proverb what say?The beginning of Spring continuous three days of snow, ten cattle nine empty “Spring” is the beginning of spring solar term, the first 24 solar terms.Set up, was also built.Spring from the establishment also!After the start of Spring rice, a warm day.The start of Spring solar term comes, winter is over, spring is really coming, the weather will slowly get warmer.This proverb means that during the 15-day solar term of Start of Spring, it snows heavily for three days in a row. The common people have ten cow pens, and nine of them are empty, leaving no cows.Why does this happen?As the saying goes: spring snow, dogs can not catch up.It was so warm that the snow melted before it reached the ground, and dogs could not run fast enough to keep up with the melting speed of such snowflakes.But if the Spring Festival and three consecutive days of snow, snow is very thick, indicating that the weather is very cold, the real reverse cold.Spring should not be warm, hot and cold will make people feed cattle, very sick.Spring is originally the pathogen virus, the high incidence season is also the cattle disease high incidence season.So a cold reverse cold in spring means heavy snow, freezing and disease.Last spring in Gansu province, a severe reverse cold phenomenon occurred, when the heavy snowfall, causing inexplicable cattle, horses and sheep frozen to death, disease countless.Also some of the poultry livestock because of the sudden heavy snowstorm, was trapped in the snow lack of food and drink, and finally froze to death.Local herders have suffered a lot.Start of Spring three white, awakening of Insects not open “Start of Spring” is the first solar term of spring.”On the first day of Spring, water warms three minutes.”It means the beginning of Spring solar term is coming, spring is coming, the weather becomes warmer.Spring flowers, plants sprout, birds ‘twitter and fragrance of flowers, which is the most basic characteristics of spring.”Three Days white” refers to the next three days of snow, which is the solid form of water vapor and is white in color.Three days of heavy snow means it’s very cold, because the melting point of snow is 0℃.”Awakening of Insects” is also known as the Awakening of Insects solar term. It is the third solar term of the 24 solar terms.With a bang of thunder, the hibernating animals began to crawl out of their holes in search of food.By the awakening of Insects, the weather is basically so warm that the sleeping animals have been revived.”The ground is not open” means the ground has not thawed.Because the winter was so cold, the land was so full of water that it was frozen.This is mainly a feature of the cold climate, called the cold earth.”The beginning of Spring three days white, awakening of Insects do not open” meaning that the beginning of Spring solar term 15 days, three days of snow, the earth a vast expanse of white.Indicates that the weather is very cold, until the awakening of Insects solar term, the land has not thawed.This shows that the reverse cold is really here, and it is very severe.Sixty-nine under the heavy snow, the ninety-nine river does not open “sixty-nine” refers to the number nine days of the sixth nine days, “fifty-nine sixty-nine, see willow by the river,” that to fifty-nine days and sixty-nine days, the weather slowly warming.”Spring hits five nine tails”, or “spring hits six nine heads”, it can be seen that the six nine weather has entered the Start of Spring solar term, spring is coming.”Nine nine” is the ninth day of nine.Ninety-eight days, nine do peach blossom, cattle walk everywhere, spring ploughing began.According to the time calculated 69 days to early March, peach blossom has opened, spring.”The river does not open” refers to the fact that the water in the river turns into thick ice due to the cold weather in winter.The ice in the river usually melts in the spring.The ice in the river should not melt on the 7th or 9th day, but the ice in the river has not melted on the 9th day.That the weather is unusually cold, the cold has continued to 99 weather did not end.”69 heavy snow, 99 river not open” means 69 days to continue the heavy snow, that is, the beginning of Spring solar term under the heavy snow, the weather is unusually cold.It indicates that in the weather of 99, the ice in the river has not melted, the river has not flowed, it is still thick with ice.It shows that there is an inverted cold weather, the cold air has always controlled the atmospheric pressure, the warm wet air has not sad caused this bad weather, which is very bad for agricultural production.In a word, today is the sixth day of the year, 66 dashun good day.Today is China this year since the rain and snow range is the most extensive, the largest snowstorm range, the most snow a rain and snow weather process.The temperature across the country has dropped 2~4℃, forming a serious reverse cold phenomenon, is the first cold wave since the beginning of spring, this year’s reverse cold trip has become a foregone conclusion.For the disaster prevention of inverted cold, it is just the beginning of spring, there is no need to do too much protection.For vegetable greenhouse planting and animal husbandry to do a good job of snow disaster protection measures, for the Spring Festival travel peak, people should pay attention to safety, icy and slippery roads, easy to cause traffic accidents.Today, the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, a large range of rain and snow weather is coming, you where snow?