Chaling fire department carried out fire accident investigation

2022-06-28 0 By

In order to find out the causes of all kinds of fires, accurately identify the location and point of fire, and properly deal with fire accidents, on February 17, The Chaling Brigade went deep into the area of wenjiang village, Majiang Town 17 group fire accident scene to carry out fire accident investigation.In the scene of the accident, fire brigade fire investigators carefully screening each trace, don’t pass any doubt, to the masses of the scene when the fire broke out and property management personnel, probably because of the fire and fire, some of the situation, then according to the program on the surrounding environment and the construction of the fire in detail an inquest,Combined with the charcoal burning traces left at the scene, the damage degree of the house, burning traces and other circumstances, the scene took a number of photos for evidence.For the specific cause of the fire, further approval will be made by going into the scene of the fire to see evidence, multi-party investigation to inquire insiders and other measures.In the next step, the brigade fire control personnel will adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts and respecting science, carry out the fire cause investigation strictly in accordance with the Fire Accident Investigation Procedure, adhere to the conclusion after finding sufficient evidence, and ensure the scientific and accuracy of the fire cause identification.