Changsha investment group commission for Discipline inspection “three solid” to build a solid defense line against epidemic

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“Have the problems in the last inspection been rectified in place? Have the site codes required to be posted been posted? Have people reminded to check each one?””Has the project construction been progressing normally since the outbreak?Are there any home quarantine personnel at the site? Are they all in place?”On March 28, the secretary of discipline inspection commission of Changsha Industrial Investment Group led a team to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work at the construction site of the subsidiary’s ongoing project.Recently, the situation of COVID-19 prevention and control is grim and complex. The Discipline Inspection Commission and the Office of the Ombudsman of Changsha Industry Investment Group have earnestly assumed the political responsibility of epidemic prevention and control supervision, acted according to orders, and went deep into the front line of the Group to both “supervise” and “fight”, ensuring that the supervision and inspection will follow up wherever the epidemic prevention and control work is deployed.To provide a strong political and disciplinary guarantee for winning the battle against the epidemic.The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.In changsha city commission for discipline inspection and supervisory commissioner’s office of group closely around the central, provincial, municipal commission for discipline inspection committee and group party committee decision deployment requirements, for the first time into the group of epidemic prevention and control in the supervision and inspection, the joint group established Ann charter epidemic prevention and control, special inspector team set on the joint to carry out the epidemic prevention and control of the supervision and inspection work plan,The deployment of epidemic prevention and control work, implementation of prevention and control measures, and publicity and education of prevention and control policies were sorted out in three categories, and the focus of supervision and inspection was clarified to ensure that “no blind spots” were left in supervision.At the same time, there are clear requirements on work discipline and efficiency. First, all units must strictly fulfill their primary and regulatory responsibilities, resolutely put an end to formalities for formalities and bureaucratism, and resolutely hold accountable those who fail to fulfill their responsibility for epidemic prevention and control.Second, the front-line disciplinary inspection personnel of each subsidiary company should have a high position, a clear foundation, a quick response, solid control, extensive publicity and strict discipline. They should actively carry out internal self-examination and self-rectification, and build a “supervision network” of epidemic prevention and control from vertical to bottom and horizontal to edge.Emphasizing a line of thorough check, will oversee fall even on March 22-27, group’s commission for discipline inspection and supervisory commissioner’s office adhere to the guidance, a line to the epidemic prevention, in-depth group sports venues, project construction site, property right trading and auction and so on is important to carry out the trawl specific inspection, all the subsidiary responsibilities in compaction, promote various epidemic prevention and control measures to carry out the fine.At the same time, while serving supervision, it provided timely response measures to the difficulties faced by front-line workers and helped solve practical problems in fighting the epidemic.Solid results, emphasizing inspector will implement supervision on March 28, group commission for discipline inspection and supervision commissioner’s office again adopt the mode of “four two straight” in-depth focus on workplace, contrast and issue corrective report to the inspector assault “look back” epidemic prevention and control work, strengthen epidemic prevention and control work achievements, various unitsTo further strengthen the implementation of responsibilities of all posts, continue to pressure and intensify efforts, and form a long-term and regular epidemic prevention and control mechanism.At the same time, strengthen publicity and guidance, remind employees to continue to strengthen the awareness of protection, especially the upcoming Qingming Festival, to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention requirements, establish a new trend of worship and sweep civilization, to ensure a safe holiday.In the next step, the Discipline inspection Commission and the Ombudsman’s office of the Group will continue to stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control with firm discipline and strong supervision, and build a strong barrier of epidemic prevention and control with effective supervision.Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: