Dream is vaguely love qingming, this life is lucky to have to accompany

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art dream vaguely favorite is Qingming, this life is lucky to have to accompany.This life has the honor to meet, but also meet you again, love and hate a dream to renew the former alliance.Would like to stay for iraqis, no total hoary, and then continue the past love and hatred together Hugh.Don’t love the bird, protect the flower lang, predestined relationship thousands of miles before the short long.A red sun hung in front of the mountain, a few wisps of breeze kiss the edge of the face, do not ask about the next life, whirling wing dance.Line edge, sitting alone tears trickling down cheeks, if there is a reunion in the afterlife, custom mandarin duck not envyimmortal.Flowing water to no trace, edge is the peach blossom garden people, to the afterlife play wings in the world of mortals.Edge is the first spring breeze, flowers send acacia, the next life if there is a reunion, yuanyang wings.Yuanyang play pond, the next life to continue thousands of miles with the boat crossing, no regrets.Dream body, why today and spring, if again meet, would like to be a mandarin duck.Yuanyang splashing in the water for a moment of music, a few degrees of spring compared to the afterlife, this life is predestined to be married, love is true.Sit alone screen the night before do not sleep, meet a smile knot poem edge, if the next life yuanyang fairy.Love with the passing water, before the bottle spirit if get together again, not envy mandarin duck only mu Xian.Lady marry, only envy mandarin duck not immortal, under the month three points drunk, this world no total pillow sleep.Fly to, the next life mo meet again, this life is predestined relationship, love.V. Acacia, love you do not know, until the next life play two hearts crazy.Thousands of miles meet sing and joy endless, the next life to continue mandarin duck only immortal.The afterlife has been one hundred years, splashing two lingering, the world of mortals a period of edge.In front of the court recall old people, predestined relationship thousands of miles total dust, the afterlife if yuanyang does not envy god.Did not know, two lingering, a section of the world before and under the moon.A mountain, into the clouds, the ancient scenery in the eye.The box cries, the world is at war, the vast expanse of heaven and earth, who is the Lord, I am the soldier.Has left the world, through the ages wind and cloud water, heaven and earth vast moon according to rivers and mountains.Heaven and earth vast line lead, road far ren hovering, between the words of the world bitter and sweet.Beyond the mountains and rivers, the earth and the sun and the moon, look back where to find heroes.There is a grand view, only the edge of the body in the clouds, heaven and earth infinite bi, wanli mountains do eyes.Flowers blooming in the mountains and rivers, heaven and earth boundless line lead, mo Huanhuan more lonely, acacia always in the dream.I live in the water clouds, mind heaven and earth universe is not old mountain.Vast wanliqiu, mountain high water far how many sad, do pay people a yazhou.Yinhan Mountain is difficult to separate, vast two do not know, do not say people to a network acacia.Between the clouds, long yao world, heaven and earth selfless zhao Sun and moon, heroes shed tears.Thousands of thousands of people look wide, deep there is no room, do not know the Yangtze River day and night mountains.The road is difficult, heaven and earth vast line lead, people without friends, meet always in the dream between the soul.A bright moon hangs between the clouds, thousands of miles clear as the human life, the earth and earth sentient water far chan.Wind moon ice yun shui, heaven and earth love wanli total home mountain.No place to find, who knows, between the lines of words in the world of poetry.Only in the dream of the soul, people have cave fairy, heaven and earth vast moon according to the mountains and rivers.Vertical and horizontal thirty thousand miles, rivers and mountains pointing block with the wind to look at the world a smoke.Branches and lotus, yuanyang water two lingering, spring breeze stroke face infatuating forever.Predestined to meet thousands of miles, kiss the spring breeze warm heart, yuanyang splashing swallows, connecting branches together.Flowers open, edge will be lucky to come, yuanyang double splashing, but for a total stage.A pair of yuanyang splashing in the water, two love together lingering, predestined thousands of miles to meet, stroke the spring breeze smile.Sansheng affection is long, the spring breeze stroke the face of the flowers, yuanyang splashing lotus open li Fang.A pair of mandarin duck love endless, predestined thousands of miles spring smile red.Branches a few degrees of autumn, yuanyang pillow flower smile, edge set this life love endlessly.Cool breeze sent late, thousands of miles to wander, mandarin duck in the water branches short.Only yuanyang not immortal, formed a lianli together lingering, thousands of miles of spring breeze smile.100 mei health, two strong feelings, spring breeze face under the moon tonight.Why this irrelevant, the spring breeze with a smile, only envy yuanyang lianli and branch residue.Spring to Yan, sansheng stone sleep, not envy yuanyang double splashing, but lianli and Tilian.A pair of mandarin ducks with flowers open, predestined relationship thousands of miles of spring breeze smile full cheek.Parallel branches open, splashing two wandering, spring breeze stroke face no longer come.Marriage a line pull, kiss meaning lingering, yuanyang splashing branches and lotus.Hazy, stone meet, not envy yuanyang line side by side.Mandarin duck, blue sea, blue sky, predestined thousands of miles stroke face is poetry.Knot knot, mandarin duck not envy fairy, face spring breeze willows green, the world of mortals love continued leading edge.A section of the world, spring breeze stroke willow smoke, yuanyang branches and lotus.A pair of mandarin duck play pond, two love words, predestined thousands of miles to meet, stroke spring flowers.Unconsciously has become empty, heart selfless smoke with the passing water, peach blossom is still luxuriantly green.Another spring, like smoke past has become dust, infinite hate in my heart, into a dream recall people.The past smoke another year, spring breeze breeze willow dance lightly, poetic hidden heart, beautiful dream.Heart selfless heaven and earth wide, dream often remember when huan, the spring breeze and green tears do not smoke.Acacia in the dream, the heart of the past to go with the wind, remember before willow flower.Wind lane shadow, small bridge flow water smoke, heart infinite meaning, into a dream.Rain such as smoke, peach blossom reflecting blue sky, heart acacia nowhere to send, dream of a beautiful shadow who pity.Long river heart gushing, story dream entangle, spring breeze and green smoke always feeling.Rain hit banana selfless sentient beings, such as smoke past flowers and another journey.Chrysanthemum is yellow in front of the door, memories of the vicissitudes of life, a cavity heart dream how much injury.Sa sa rain smoke, liuan dimly don’t have a day, heart acacia whispering with who.Old people, heaven and earth new, the past smoke blows willow and meet jun.Snow has not disappeared, as free and unfettered, selfless heart has a road shuiyun at.Embellish hill township, hang silk swallow busy, the bottom of my heart is infinite good spring, dream how long qianying.Selfless heaven and earth, lucky to meet with you in my dream, spring breeze and green smoke passed water east.Last night in a dream to meet the old man, the bottom of my heart has no trace, like smoke past flowers and a spring.Spring breeze willow green river, the past smoke recall old years, heart selfless love shuiyun wide.Can not be said, willow dimly another year, selfless heaven and earth wide, dream of love water cloud wide.Heart selfless heaven and earth Ming, dream often recall young feelings, spring breeze and green Jiangnan willow, the past smoke can not bear to listen to.Long night dream heart month neighbor, like smoke past flowers and a spring.Smoke and a spring, the heart of endless hate, into a dream recall people.Heart poem into a sentence, a few wrong people lean against the column, the most affectionate also like old smoke.Smell azalea, the bottom of my heart waves, like smoke past to go with the wind, another year.Flying with wings not yesterday, sleeping together is today, mandarin duck splashing branches never wither.Two dependent, connected branches knot, Qi Fei world wide, double habitat to build love crazy.Fly with wings do not abandon, a pair of lovers depend on each other forever, only yuanyang love endless.I see the liulian mandarin duck wandering together, liu has a female twittering wings.One day, there is no time, yuanyang splashing with the heart more crazy.Swallows nesting busy, phase attachment home, not envy yuanyang in a total dressing.Splashing affection is long, lianli branches fly between heaven and earth, and Tilian open feng for double.Chang e thinks of home, the moon is a good shadow into pairs, yuanyang splashing branches short.Wearing flowers in pairs, dragonflies flying in water, not envy mandarin duck neck to neck sleep, but to return side by side.– Zheng Huixian # Zheng Huixian Traditional Chinese Art