Eleven in the morning!Hao Wei sent good news: Shandong Taishan made a wise decision, the fans praised in chorus

2022-06-28 0 By

Beijing time on April 8, 9 a.m., important information from Chinese super league, according to the domestic authoritative media Titan sports, shandong taishan with moises close to renew the contract, a new contract to take a pay cut, in the case of the Chinese super league foreign aid erosion, shandong taishan choice left the Brazilian the renewal of pay cuts, this is obviously a wise decision.Titan Sports wrote: “Shandong Taishan is close to reaching an agreement with Moises on a contract extension.The Brazilian midfielder has been forced to take a pay cut in his new contract due to salary cap issues.His 2019 contract with Shandong Taishan is worth 4 million euros a year.”Can be seen from the Titan sports reported, shandong taishan has extended his contract with moises completion, brazilians will play wages stay, though the media did not disclose more information, but the shandong taishan choose leave moises, for howell, this is not only a good news, but also attracted many fans chorus thumb up.One fan said: “Great, mo can play from centre-back to centre-forward, even if he is not top quality, this attribute is not expensive, with this player in the team, the selection of the team will increase the possibility.”Another fan said: “Mozambique team is a good and conscientious foreign aid, so it seems luneng defend the title is only a matter of time.”Of course, some fans said: “Like to support, moises is the right choice, now the Chinese Super league teams to buy foreign players is not easy to buy, rather than this, it is better to use the old man, plug and play, also do not need to run in time, I believe that as long as maintain good state of last year, this year will have a chance to defend.””1.5 million is ok, luneng these several foreign aid are strength and professional attitude coexist good foreign aid.”