Her mother remarried, her father went to prison, and at the age of six, she ate garbage to survive

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In today’s society, ordinary people live a rich life. Most of them are not worried about food and clothes, but there are still a few people who are not happy.They would struggle to fill their stomachs, often skipping meals.They can’t see the future and only worry about what is in front of them.But in reality there is such a little girl, her childhood life is not as happy as other children.Her mother abandoned her as a child, her father went to prison for a crime, and she lived on the streets because no one cared for her, finding food from dumpster to dumpster.Passers-by, who could always see the girl loitering near the train station, took pity on her and helped her.Then she met a middle-aged man, zhou Yi, who changed her life.Zhou Yi was born in 1985 in Dalian, Liaoning Province, to an ordinary worker’s family. The life of the family of three was stable. Zhou’s mother quit her job to take care of the children, and his father worked diligently in a factory.But zhou’s father argued with Zhou’s mother over his drinking and sometimes beat her.This caused Mother Zhou to be very afraid of Father Zhou.But zhou’s mother out of concern for her daughter, afraid of her daughter from urine without the care of the mother, also endure.As the passage of time, Zhou Fu more aggravating, he often in the face of Zhou Yi, to zhou mother for a violent dozen.Finally, one night, she could not stand the abuse of Zhou Yi’s father and left them quietly.And after Zhou Fu leaves in zhou mother, the heart also very regret oneself dodo, but there is no way to change, can drink all day long to drown one’s sorrows, use alcohol to paralyze oneself, he does not hold any hope to the life, also often forget to take care of daughter Zhou Yi.Eventually, zhou Fu was fired from the factory because of his fault, and zhou Fu could not see the hope of life. He got drunk and got into a fight and was put in prison. Zhou Yi was only 6 years old at this time.Since Zhou’s mother eloped with zhou’s father to get married there, Zhou Yi never met her grandparents, who had died long ago.Because zhou Fu enters prison because of crime, other family members of Zhou Jia also do not want to have contact with Zhou Yi, helpless Zhou Yi can only stray on the street eventually.At the age of 6, Zhou Yi does not know how to take care of himself. When he is hungry, he looks for food in a garbage can and when he is tired, he lies in a corner for a rest.After a few days, passers-by noticed something was wrong and told police about the girl.When the police saw Zhou Yi, they asked her some basic information, only to learn that her mother had left home and her father had gone to prison.For Zhou Yi’s safety, the local police handled the procedures for her to enter the orphanage.Leave home but enter the orphanage zhou Yi did not feel happy, her father to mother domestic violence scene, has been deeply reflected in zhou Yi’s mind, so she entered the orphanage also appears very withdrawn, and did not make friends.She still missed her mother very much in her heart and often cried secretly at night.By chance, Zhou Yi stole out of the orphanage and came to the train station, which is the place where Zhou Yi’s father mentioned her mother’s departure.Zhou yi always believed that her mother would not abandon her and would meet her one day.So Zhou Yi wandered around the train station for days, looking for food when he was hungry.A middle-aged man in his early 30s stood next to Zhou Yi as she searched the trash for leftovers.He asked Zhou Yi what she was doing at the railway station these days and asked if she was hungry.Zhou Yi looked at such a man, she has not been so kindly asked her for a long time, she will be very trust to follow this man embarked on the unknown journey.This man often took Zhou Yi with him and gave her meticulous care. Zhou Yi also relied on this strange man a lot.The man took her to a small village in Guizhou province, thousands of kilometers from his hometown, and then abandoned Her.Zhou Yi also entered a strange home.Zhou yi knows that her parents are not her real parents, but she has no way to leave and ends up living here.Her parents in the family are also very nice to her, often buy her some delicious food, fun, do not let her do some farm work.After returning to her hometown for several years, Zhou Yi also had her own family and lived happily with her husband. The couple also raised two children. Zhou Yi realized that it was not easy to be a mother.Zhou Yi did not forget her hometown. By chance, she learned from TV that a public welfare organization could help find her parents.Zhou Yi told her husband her idea, and zhou Yi’s husband was very supportive.Zhou Yi then shared some basic information with the ngo. She had no hope in her heart, but fate played tricks on people just like this.The charity found a man very similar to Zhou yi’s description.After DNA comparison, the man was proved to be Zhou Fu.Zhou Yi is informed of the result, resolutely set foot on the train that returns home, she has left home for more than 30 years, the heart has mixed feelings.When she stepped into the land of her hometown again, seeing her old father, Zhou Yi felt very sad in her heart. She hugged her father tightly and talked with him for a long time.Zhou Yi learned that her father had been looking for her after he was released from prison. She decided to take care of her own father and would not give up her adoptive parents because she had spent some time in prison without finding a job and living in poverty.She said she has someone who loves her so much that she has to take care of those who love her no matter how hard she works.Summary: Zhou Yi’s childhood was not happy. She encountered many difficulties during her growth. Her mother left her and her own father was imprisoned.At the age of six, she has not lost hope in life. Her heart is still looking forward to family reunion.After she became an adult and had a family of her own, she still couldn’t forget her parents.Eventually, through unremitting efforts, he was reunited with his biological father.