High performance, high reliability, high safety!Tianrong letter Taihang cloud 2.0 to create a new highland of low-carbon construction

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With the proposal of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, China’s digital transformation has entered the stage of accelerated development. Cloud computing has become an important driving force to promote the development of data economy. From “cloud” to “cloud biogenesis”, it has promoted the digital transformation of various industries.Bi Xueyao, senior vice president of Tianrongxin Technology Group, mentioned at the launch of Tianrongxin Taihang Cloud 2.0 that “in the era of digital economy, digitalization and network security have become the new ‘driving wheels’, jointly promoting the rapid development of China’s digital economy”.Today we set out from three bright spots to take you into the adjustment variable upgrade day melts faith taihang cloud 2.0 days melting taihang 2.0 based on the original cloud, high performance, high reliability and high safety, practicing localization and from the road, on the localization of ability construction, cloud security issues to explore and cloud native scene practice, etc all have rich practical experience, is committed to helping customers low-cost,High standard construction of green and low-carbon data center.Localization ability construction since 2016, when the country promulgated the outline of national informatization development strategy, localization is always a key national development strategy, letter day melts the taihang cloud on the core technology independent innovation continuously, from the underlying hardware to the basis of the upper application system fully adaptive localization of products, achieve the safety of the whole industry chain, controllable.Up to now, Tianrongxin Taihang cloud has obtained a total of 60+ compatibility proof in terms of domestic hardware and software adaptation.At the hardware level, it has realized compatibility and adaptation with mainstream domestic chips such as Haiguang, Kunpeng and Feiteng, and has been applied in the customer environment to realize unified deployment of servers with different architectures in one cluster.At the software level: in order to meet diversified customer needs, Tianrong Taihang Cloud realizes compatibility and adaptation with mainstream domestic operating system, database and middleware manufacturers to ensure the security and control of customers’ business system level.For the construction of a new generation of Tianrongxin Taihang cloud, network security has become an important indicator.Tianrongxin Taihang cloud security system construction mainly from the host layer, data layer, platform layer and application layer four levels, to build a set of safe and reliable business environment.For the cloud platform system at the host layer, Tianrong Taihang Cloud 2.0 carries out security configuration to ensure the security of the operating system by prohibiting risky system services, isolating system memory and business memory, and minimizing configuration file permissions.At the data layer, Tianrong Taihang Cloud 2.0 solves the hardware layer failure with multiple copies of data, and further prevents data loss through data snapshot, CDP and backup technologies. Finally, data transmission encryption and data security deletion are used to prevent data leakage, so as to achieve the safety protection of the whole life cycle from data writing to destruction.In the platform layer, Tianrongxin Taihang Cloud 2.0 through the next generation firewall, WAF, baseline check, log audit, database audit, VPN and other security services to achieve tenant environment security, through the distributed firewall to achieve micro isolation and platform security protection, and meet the construction requirements of the second and third level of equal protection;In the application layer, Tianrongxin Taihang Cloud 2.0 applies the whitelist technology to avoid the application being damaged by malicious programs, the resource fingerprint investigation technology to comprehensively track the running status of resources, and the load circuit breaker technology to cut off the service immediately under the condition of high application load, so as to avoid the avalanche of cloud platform system.Cloud native scene practice as cloud native technology rapid development, most of the new application are based on cloud native platform development, deployment, and operations, to ensure customer in leading technology, in response to changing market demand and competition, letter day melts the taihang YunZaiYun native scene continuously explore practice, improve their own ability.At present, Tianrong Taihang Cloud can provide more than 40 kinds of cloud services in 7 categories, which can meet user customization requirements in micro-services, DevOps and other scenarios.K8s is deeply integrated at the container cloud level to provide customers with container-based multi-cluster and multi-tenant resource management capabilities, application store and visual orchestration as the core application deployment capabilities, and container lifecycle management such as efficient deployment, resource scheduling, service discovery and dynamic scaling.At the micro service level, in the construction of distributed service system, application publishing and management of distributed system, data-based operation and other scenarios, it provides service life cycle management capability and data-based operation support, provides monitoring data of multi-dimensional applications, services and machines, and helps service performance optimization.DevOps provides collaboration and r&d tool support for the whole process from requirements to design, development, construction, testing, release and deployment to help enterprises realize unified security control of code, quickly practice agile development and DevOps, improve the quality and speed of software delivery, reduce enterprise R&D costs, and achieve r&d efficiency upgrade.At the database level, Redis, the key value cache database, and MySQL, the distributed relational database, are provided to help customers build independent controllable distributed database with high performance, high availability and easy expansion.Open source Service Mesh, Spring Cloud, DB & MiddleWare (MySQL, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Redis, Postgres), DevOps tools (Harbor, Jenkins, GitLab,SonarQube, API gateway management, NGINX load balancing and other middleware technologies.In the New Year, TOPSEC will continue to deeply cultivate the field of cloud computing, relying on its own strong security ecology, localization and cloud native capabilities, to build a set of agile, open, safe and cloud digital innovation platform for customers.In the future, Tianrongxin will keep pace with The Times, provide more stable, reliable, safe and efficient cloud products, assist customers in digital transformation, and contribute to the construction of digital China.