Qingdao bus volunteers help passengers scan “place code”

2022-06-29 0 By

“Please wear masks, scan the location code on the bus body, and line up for the bus.”On the morning of April 5, volunteers from Licang Bus Company of Qingdao City Transport Holding Bus Group, wearing ribbons, advertised the “place code” at crowded bus stations and guided citizens to queue up and scan the code to ensure safe travel.”Every bus is posted with its own” place code “. When taking a bus, citizens need to scan the “place code” through wechat or Alipay to generate traffic records, and show the driver or on-site volunteers the interface of “successful code scanning” and dynamic time to confirm the authenticity of the record to get on the bus.”According to the staff of Licang Bus Company, the location code can accurately track the movement of people entering and leaving key places. Once a person at risk is found, it can be quickly checked to avoid the spread of the epidemic. In emergency situations, it can effectively and accurately trace the person at risk.In order to ensure the smooth ride of citizens, Licang Bus Company has trained its line staff both online and offline to make them proficient in code scanning and manual registration, and has sent more volunteers to densely packed stations for code scanning and registration outside the bus to further improve the efficiency of vehicle operation.”Passengers who use their senior citizen card, student card, love card, Veterans card or Geumdo Real-name card can directly show their health code to get on the bus without having to scan the location code.”Bus staff told reporters that the bus carried out scanning site code ride on the day, there are many citizens due to mobile phone signal is not smooth, the system is slow and other reasons can not normally scan code, but can actively show the “health code”, with the staff to complete manual registration.Bus staff to remind the general public, when taking the bus, should actively do a good job of self-protection, orderly sweep code registration.At the same time, in order to maintain the air circulation in the carriage during the early operation of the bus, the Windows will be opened for ventilation, please understand.