The completed investment of Yunnan highway and waterway ranked first in China for four consecutive years

2022-06-29 0 By

Yunnan Network News (reporter Peng Xi) February 10, the reporter learned from the 2022 provincial Transportation work conference that in 2021, Yunnan comprehensive transportation investment high growth, the province’s comprehensive transportation fixed assets investment completed 387.8 billion yuan, accounting for 11.8% of the national comprehensive transportation investment, highway and waterway completed investment ranked first in the country for four consecutive years.According to the meeting, the length of expressways in Yunnan increased by more than 1,000 kilometers last year, and the total length of expressways exceeded 10,000 kilometers. A total of 115 counties were connected to expressways in five new counties. The China-Laos Railway was completed and opened to traffic.It has built scenic service areas, won the title of “13th Five-Year plan” National Main highway maintenance and Management Improvement Unit, completed 54 highway service areas renovation and upgrading, 26 were rated as national top 100 demonstration or excellent service areas.In 2022, Yunnan will continue to promote 8 key projects, including “energy and connectivity” and “interconnection” of expressways at county level, “network construction and speed improvement” of railways, and “strong base and expansion” of civil aviation, and focus on expanding effective investment in comprehensive transportation. The annual investment in comprehensive transportation will reach 300 billion yuan.Can pay special attention to the “all pass”, speed up the “interconnectivity” qualified project construction, to promote national highway border G219 reconstruction project construction comprehensively, the year new rebuilt rural roads 10000 kilometers above, to ensure that big red railway section, MiMeng railway opened, li xiang railway years, advance the Mongolian airport and zhaotong airport relocation project under construction,We will make all-out efforts to advance the navigation project and high-grade waterway construction of the Baise Water Conservancy Project on the Yunnan-Guangxi Youjiang River, and continue to promote the multi-dimensional coordination project of the project and the postal network coverage project.Strive to build 10 “driver homes”, continue to carry out the “four good rural road” demonstration cities and counties;Efforts will be made to promote the development of smart and green transport, advance the construction of a comprehensive transport information platform, and make overall plans for carbon peak and carbon neutral and high-quality transport development.At the meeting, zhaotong city, Qujing City, Chuxiong Prefecture, Honghe Prefecture, Dali transport bureau made an exchange speech, China Railway Kunming Bureau Group Co., LTD., provincial post administration, provincial highway bureau made a working speech.