Xinjiang has launched six activities to help college graduates find jobs

2022-06-29 0 By

Urumqi Evening News Full Media News (reporter Shi Chuanzhi) From this month to June, the autonomous Region will carry out public employment services for the 2022 class of college graduates with the theme of “employment services into campus precise help at your side,” to promote college graduates to achieve higher quality and more full employment.On March 29, the reporter learned from the Human resources and social security department of the autonomous Region that the implementation plan of the “Public Employment Service into campus” activity of the autonomous region has been issued.Local people’s associations, education departments and colleges and universities will highlight local characteristics, seize the key period of job hunting before and after graduation, closely focus on the transition process of graduates from campus to workplace, according to the characteristics of different stages of job hunting, organize professional forces to carry out targeted employment services into campus activities.During the activity, 6 activities will be carried out including policy publicity, recruitment services, employment guidance, entrepreneurship services, vocational training, and helping students with difficulties into the campus.Local people’s organizations, education departments and universities will promptly review the scale, structure, majors and employment intentions of the class of 2022 graduates in order to lay a solid foundation for targeted recruitment.Active docking Japan, ministry, federation of industry and commerce and other industry sectors, grasp their demand, dynamic collection, release information about the job listings, covering the region’s key enterprises, major projects and specialization, “new” small micro enterprise employee information,, grassroots service agencies and institutions, major public sector jobs such as special personnel deployment, as well as scientific research assistant, internship trainee positions.At the same time, we will also organize local members of the National Employment Guidance Committee, vocational guidance teachers from colleges and universities, enterprise human resources teachers and enterprise planners to give lectures on campus to help graduates master job hunting skills.We will select high-quality courses, teachers and models for entrepreneurship on campus, support local universities in carrying out entrepreneurship education, organize timely entrepreneurship training for graduates who are willing to start their own businesses, and intensify efforts to implement policies on innovation and entrepreneurship.According to the requirements, the autonomous region will also strengthen employment assistance for graduates from zero-employment and low-income families, step up job promotion, and provide subsidies for job-hunting and entrepreneurship.