Freeze the Winter Olympics | sweet ice honey snow

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Couple speed skaters Kirsten and Smedding train for Great Britain.When the Beijing Winter Olympics meets the Western Valentine’s Day, love is more romantic in the snow and ice.Many foreign athletes and loved ones support each other, compete for the first place, celebrate winning MEDALS, and enjoy the fun of ice and snow together.Norway’s Kristen Skarselian and Magnus Nedergaaten embrace during the mixed doubles curling competition at the Winter Olympics.Under the light and shadow, beautiful music, lifting, throwing, dancing on the ice, just like a dream.Figure skating is a sweet undertaking in the Winter Olympics.”Competitions flow more naturally when the story of love is used as a free dance.””The ice has nourished us and our performance is getting better and better,” said Mi-ri and Zun Komatsu.Mikaela Shifflin and Norwegian alpine skier Kilder are an international couple.Curling mixed doubles, short track speed skating, flower skating dance, alpine skiing…Ice lovers on the track and in the winter Olympic village are another highlight of the Winter Olympics.Miori and Takumu Komatsu of Japan compete in the ice dance free dance of the Team figure skating competition at the Winter Olympics.They will witness each other pursuing their dreams on the Olympic stage, and the moments of fighting in the Beijing Winter Olympics will become sweet memories.Source client games publication | journalists Wang Chen editor Wellpoint process editor Liu Weili