Ganzhou, warm warm!

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Rain rain rain rain rain……This New Year is a little cold, but because of them ganzhou becomes very warm!There is a kind of warm called stick to roll up the sleeves to stay dry Jiangxi New Year’s day as warm February 2, the cold wind, in ganzhou by opening area culture and art center project construction site, the construction scene in full swing came into view.Nearly 70 workers are on duty to ensure that they do not close their doors during the Spring Festival.”It’s good to stay in Jiangxi for the New Year, not only with subsidies, but also with red envelopes.We are responding positively and staying put to continue our efforts.”A worker of Guangdong nationality told reporters.Salute!!!This Spring Festival, they are sticking to!Gannan Daily, for most people, Spring Festival means reunion, joy and leisure, while for those in special positions, it means busyness, responsibility and dedication.They are the medical workers on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, the power personnel guarding the lights of thousands of families, and the traffic police ensuring smooth roads…From them, we see a kind of beauty, a kind of to give up the small home, for everyone’s dedication of the beauty, moving.I would like to pay tribute to all those who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival!For most people, the Spring Festival means reunion, joy and leisure, while for some special positions, the Spring Festival means busy, responsibility and dedication. They are the medical staff on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, the electric power personnel guarding the lights of thousands of families, and the traffic police ensuring smooth roads…February 2, rainy and cold weather, the reporter came to Find wu to visit the “city quick police” team.At eight o ‘clock in the morning, the city Speedcops are ready to start their day on patrol.They wear “special bluetooth” helmet, strict police uniforms, riding patrol motorcycles, uniform motorcade, leaving a flowing wind “police” line on the street.Give up small home, ganzhou for everyone, because of you and warm!The “sisters” cross mountains and tunnel to protect the Spring Festival travel!At 6:30 in the morning of January 31, the sky was drizzling, and the outdoor temperature was only 4℃.To before the Spring Festival will check over all equipment covered in the work area and ensure Spring Festival transportation safety, ganzhou Labour wu paragraph of ganzhou luqiao workshop LiangMing 23-year-old female worker, days haven’t fully bright, followed the party members’ master light came to the county area in kumamoto equipment hidden trouble to check, to check the seven in the morning hours, the afternoon in the office to tidy up the data.Yang Xin and Shen Bai Lu were both born in 1999. Rain or shine, they wear orange protective suits and walk at least 10 kilometers over mountains and through tunnels every day.There is a kind of warmth called The New Year’s Eve dinner. All the year round, we donate money for education and send free lunch to the frontline personnel of epidemic prevention and treatment. For seven consecutive years, we invite sanitation workers to eat the New Year’s Eve dinner.Everything, one thing to let a person feel warm, love long 01:36 thanks to the majority “beauticians”, New Year’s eve a few days ago, in a strictly be reported to the epidemic prevention and control and at the same time, Zhang Lipin wine is placed in the dinin hotel banquet, invite the county more than 500 sanitation workers gathered to eat a meal delicious dinner, workers in advance in order to send you New Year wishes.On that day, the sanitation workers dressed in uniform, happy reunion, enjoy delicious food, cherish the annual gathering and courtesy.On January 31, ganjiang Innovation Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences first phase of the new project department was bustling with joy, full of New Year flavor workers from all over the world cooked in an orderly “combination version” of the Year of the Tiger New Year’s Eve reunion dinner gannan Daily, warm heart to ease nostalgia!Key project site “combination version” reunion dinner is coming!At 4 PM on January 31, ganjiang Innovation Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first phase of the new project department lively festival, full of New Year flavor.Workers from all over the world cook a “combined version” of the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner in an orderly fashion.This year, in order to earnestly implement the provincial and municipal requirements of not stopping major projects during the Spring Festival, the Project of China Construction First Bureau of Chinese Academy of Sciences “Spring Festival construction does not close”, more than 200 builders stick to their posts to celebrate the New Year, and orderly push forward the construction progress.There is a warm called stay in Jiangxi New Year’s Celebration of the New Year, welfare, stable supply……During the Spring Festival, ganzhou municipal organs, state-owned enterprises and public institutions parking lot free parking fees citizens can take buses for free, on the high-speed 20 million electronic consumption vouchers free to spend Ganzhou launched a series of cultural feast to celebrate the New Year……Stay in Jiangxi New Year, warm the heart!In order to further stimulate the potential of cultural and tourism consumption and promote cultural and tourism consumption during the Spring Festival holiday under the strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, Ganzhou recently issued 100,000 electronic cultural and tourism coupons for the Spring Festival, totaling 20 million yuan.Each person can get an e-coupon worth 200 yuan, including 100 yuan culture and travel coupon (divided into 20 yuan, 30 yuan, 50 yuan each), with the e-coupon can go to designated scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, cinemas without threshold deduction use;Commercial super coupon 100 yuan (one), with the electronic consumption coupon to the designated supermarket consumption, the use of the rule of 200 yuan less 100 yuan.Ganzhou Rongjiang New District: All roads are decorated with lanterns to celebrate the festival