Science and technology guide good thing recommendation 4: Microsoft home Surface, South Korea mini refrigerator, green factory thousand yuan mobile phone

2022-06-30 0 By

In the Windows world, only the Microsoft Surface is a real laptop. All the other brands are side dishes.The small house is also small, personality bedroom level refrigerator super lovely;Young people, students party to consider the tight, lucky money can choose the appearance of the level of 5G mobile phone.Microsoft Surface Laptop Go users experience: To be honest, Microsoft Surface Laptop Go appearance level circle fans many, can be described as love, said probably is me and it met!It is very suitable in size and thickness, larger than Apple Mini, but smaller than apple Tablet Pro’s maximum size screen. It is really friendly for girls’ office, more suitable for me to engage in business, and very suitable for meetings and business trips.Really buy a 13 inch I feel big, this one and support touch control, can not use the mouse, I looked for a year, 128G price reduction 1000 or so to buy, otherwise will not buy, is the notebook appearance level is high, write a paper, office have no big problem, holding like a book, thin.This price to buy the touch book, i5 processor, high appearance level notebook I think it is worth!You can’t get a touch pad and a configuration like this at this price.With Windows 10 operating system, the homepage design is full of sense.The entire laptop weighs just 1,110 grams and can easily be taken with it for meetings and outings.It has a huge capacity, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and battery life is ok, up to 13 hours, which gives me a lot of battery security.Get ~ Adorable little fridge. I’m tired of saying cute!I’ve been waiting almost two months for a cute little fridge.I’ve filled it with food and drink.The head and the body can be separated, the head is provided with a small lamp, and the body is divided into layers.Also with sterilization plates, masks, bottles, cosmetics can be.It also has Bluetooth and speaker function.The majority of students friends, want to change the mobile phone, but also worried about the price is too expensive, buy it!It is enough!At first, MY A92S just didn’t have enough memory (there were too many games and I didn’t want to delete them), so I bought a new OPPO A93S mobile phone after the Spring Festival, to tell you the truth, I always think this series is very suitable for our student party.1000 yuan model not only has 48 million three camera rear, 5000mAh large capacity battery, usually use also don’t worry about the phone is out of power, play games and exclusive game assistant, long time will not be stuck.The most critical continuation of the consistent high level of appearance, white peach soda color with some gradient, in the light will flash, I a boy will be attracted to its level of appearance.After buying with New Year’s money can return to the blood.