Was it unusual to lose to Vietnam?Fan Zhiyi that was 10 years ago

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In 2013, Camacho’s Chinese football team suffered a 5-1 defeat to Thailand at home, which aroused endless criticism from all sides. Fan Zhiyi, a former Chinese football player, also criticized in an interview that “If China loses again, it will lose to Vietnam”, which is also a famous scene of Chinese football.Ten years later, the joke turned out to be true as China lost for the first time in its history to Vietnam, a team considered by fans to be “low-lying”.As a result, fan Zhiyi’s teasing video went viral in moments of friends, making National football team become the object of national entertainment consumption on the first day of the Chinese New Year.If you can’t accept that China lost to Vietnam, you can only blame yourself that your consciousness is still stuck in 10 years ago. China is still the same team and Vietnam is not the same team.Vietnam beat Australia 5-1 in the 2014 U19 qualifiers.They drew 1-1 with China in the group stage.In 2016, Vietnam entered the round of 8 in the UNDER-16 Alashok Tournament, while China failed to advance to the tournament.In the same year, China failed to score a single goal and win a single match in the group stage of the UNDER-19 Tournament, while Vietnam made it to the semi-finals and secured a ticket to the 2017 UNDER-20 World Cup.In its debut on the world stage, Vietnam scored its history-making first point with a 0-0 draw against New Zealand in the group stage.In the 2018 U23 Asian Cup, Vietnam defeated Qatar to reach the final, becoming the biggest surprise of the tournament, while The National football team failed to reach the group stage early…When Vietnam’s youth teams at all levels have comprehensively surpassed China’s, why do we ask our adult team to “take it out on Vietnam”?You know, we’re up against the best Vietnam team ever.In fact, the entire Asian football after years of cultivation, has been rapid development.In 2022 Qatar World Cup, apart from the host Qatar, it is likely that There will be five Regular World Cup players including South Korea, Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Australia, which will be an unprecedented 6 Asian teams in the World Cup.Needless to say, Japan was the only Asian team to advance to the round of 16 at the 2018 World Cup, pushing Belgium to the brink, while South Korea was able to beat defending champion Germany at the last World Cup.If the country is making the most progress, it must be Qatar.In 2019, Qatar won the Asian Cup, and then competed in the Copa America with South American teams. Since Qatar has won the direct qualification, they went to the European Preliminary competition to practice, and their strength has already jumped to become the first-class Asian team.As a traditional strong team in West Asia, Saudi Arabia always suffered a disaster in the World Cup, but after the 5-0 defeat to Russia in the last World Cup, the Saudi Football Association comprehensively reformed, upgraded its skills and tactics, and made up for its shortcomings.In the case of retaining the basis of individual skills, pay more attention to closing down and overall cooperation.This round of 12, Saudi Arabia beat Japan, is the top national football team in the group.In fact, there is no shortcut to the rise of football, nothing more than the youth training, policy, environment, such as Chinese football platitudes.Only, others did, we did not do.In 2013, Lippi led Guangzhou Evergrande to the top of the Asian Champions League for the first time, Chinese football is infinite scenery, who would have thought that we would lose to Vietnam 10 years later?In the past 10 years, the golden Ball has made our league brilliant, but the bubble of “the sixth largest league in the world” has finally burst.Unpaid wages, disbanding, suspension, league cutting, foreign aid fleeing…Losing to Vietnam is not unusual for Chinese football, which is in the autumn of critical survival.Source: Dahe Daily · Yu Video editor: Li Yu