A mother in Sichuan province has petitioned a court to declare her missing daughter dead: not to give up her search

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He Hui, poster News reporter of Daily.com, recently, a verdict declaring the death of a citizen by a court in Shunqing District of Nanchong city, Sichuan province four years ago has re-entered public view.In February 2016, Ms. Liang applied to the above court for a declaration of the death of her daughter Li Ying, who had been missing for 20 years at that time. One year after the court’s announcement, li Ying was declared dead in accordance with the law.It is unusual for a mother to apply for a court declaration of the death of a missing child, but Ms Liang responded that she was not giving up on the search for her daughter, but taking legal steps to inherit her husband’s estate.According to a civil judgment made by the Shunqing District People’s Court of Nanchong city in February 2017, li Ying, the daughter of the applicant surnamed Liang, disappeared on her way from school in December 1996. Her family members have been searching for her in vain and her whereabouts are still unknown.According to the online registration for orphans, Li ying was born in 1984 and was 12 and a half years old when she disappeared. She is nearsighted and has a small mole on her mouth.Liang applied to the court for a declaration of Li ying’s death in February 2016.After a trial, the court found that Li Ying had no contact with her family since she disappeared, and that she was still missing one year after the court issued a search notice in the newspaper. The court declared Li Ying dead in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Procedure Law.The reporter found that, according to article 46 of the latest General Principles of civil Law, if the whereabouts of a natural person has been unknown for four years or two years due to an accident, the interested party may apply to the people’s court to declare the death of the natural person;If a natural person is declared dead but not dead, the validity of the civil juristic acts performed by the natural person during the period of the declaration of death shall not be affected.In the past two years, with the help of the Ministry of Public Security’s “Reunion Action”, abducted or missing children have been reunited with their biological parents. In contrast, Ms Liang’s application to the court for a declaration of her daughter’s death has caused confusion and confusion among some netizens.In this regard, the public network · poster news reporter contacted Ms. Liang herself to understand the situation.Liang said she applied to the court for a declaration of her daughter’s death in 2016 because her husband had passed away at the time and needed legal procedures to handle inheritance matters.Liang stressed that she was not giving up on her daughter and was still trying to find her 26 years after she disappeared.At the same time, she revealed that nanchong Shunqing District Public Security Bureau Interpol brigade and anti-kidnapping office also set up a special case team composed of 7 police, often find her to understand the relevant clues.According to the Paper, Liang recently learned from nanchong police that Li ying’s DNA did not match that of Yang Xia, the mother of eight children in Fengxian county, and “her accent would not have changed that much.”Liang told The public Security bureau in Nanchong that around January 30 this year, she was told to go to the public Security bureau and have a DNA sample taken. The DNA test showed that she was not related to the mother of Fengxian Eight Children, and she accepted the result.