Call for prizes!Come and share the traditional taste of Lantern Festival

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The Lantern Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals. The first lunar month is the First month in the lunar calendar. The ancients called “night” “xiao”.The date is the 15th day of the first lunar month.”On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival”, a “trouble” word out the Chinese people to celebrate the festival that bold and enthusiastic, no wonder many people think that the Lantern Festival is close to the ancient Chinese carnival.On the occasion of the Coming of the Lantern Festival, the Financial Media Center of the Golden Bay Area specially organizes the activity of “Celebrate the Lantern Festival, Talk about the tradition” to invite you to share with your family whether it is eating tangyuan,Or guess riddles or unique characteristics of the traditional “go out”, playing dragon boat or a boisterous dragon dance lion dance let’s feelings together in your share of the traditional culture of the beauty of Chinese traditional festivals to regain good collecting content and exquisite gift waiting for you to pick up oh ~ you can shoot their own Lantern Festival feast, or Lantern Festival customs,Upload the system in the form of picture + text introduction and blessing, asking to highlight the Flavor of Chinese New Year.The first step: Follow the wechat official account of “Zhuhai Jinwan”.Step 2: Enter the current page of the official account and click “dialog box”.Step 3: Click “+”, select “Album”, upload pictures and attach text introduction (text part: name + city + contact information + introduction of works), then you can participate in the activity.Your unique Lantern Festival photos will have the opportunity to be displayed on wechat official account, and you will have the opportunity to receive the following gifts:Mi smart camera yuntai version Mi electric screwdriver Mi minimalist urban backpack MI small love speaker Play enhanced version MI smart lamp Lite MI mobile power supply 3 10000mAh Zhuhai Jinwan Tiger custom edition mask ~ in this Lantern Festival, in the traditional “cloud” meet with the Great River north and South, welcome everyone to contribute!Celebrate the Lantern Festival!Looking forward to your work!