Can’t wash your hair during your period?Remind: these 3 things can not do in the period do not do

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For women, there are always a few inconvenient days each month.There are many taboos around the time of the month, and some women suffer from painful periods.Especially female friends mostly very love the United States, but every menstruation, will be emphasized must not shampoo, otherwise can bring about uterus cannot very good contraction, thus menstrual blood cannot row net.Residual blood in the uterus will affect the health of the uterus, which makes beauty women very distressed, do not wash their hair, but the hair is dirty stuck on the scalp, it is detrimental to the level of appearance, can be washed and afraid of really hurt the uterus, do not know whether this statement has scientific basis, is really entangled.Can’t wash your hair during your period?Because women’s menstrual period, the body is fragile, if you wash your hair at this time, once you catch a cold, it will cause dysmenorrhea, so it is always warned not to wash your hair during the period.From the point of view of Western medicine, there is no taboo that can not wash hair during menstruation.But on traditional Chinese medicine thinks the head is the head of the body six Yang, and the uterus is the place where the pulse initiates, the female menstrual period, the blood circulation of the body will be worse.If you wash your hair at this time, you will let the blood pour into the top of your head, which will lead to poor uterine blood circulation, so that the menstrual blood can not be discharged well, it is possible to let the menstrual blood become less, or produce dysmenorrhea.And when washing your hair, the pores on your scalp are in an open state, so it’s easy to be infected with wind chill and cause headaches.Some female friend likes to wash hair before going to bed, and the night belongs to Yin, the top of head belongs to Yang, such Yin and Yang photograph is back, can aggravate the circumstance that has a headache.Especially when the hair is not dry enough to fall asleep, but also because of the weak resistance of the body, get sick.So the older generation always advised female friends not to wash their hair during menstruation is also a certain reason.However, nowadays people are more concerned with personal image, running around with a head of greasy dirty hair is really not done, it should be washed.Just pay attention to wash your hair during your period, try to wash it at noon when the sun is at its peak, and wash your hair for a short time. After washing, you must fully dry your hair before going out. If it is cold outside, wear a hat to avoid catching cold on your head.If you really don’t have time to wash your hair during the day, it’s best to avoid the first two days of your period and then blow-dry your hair before going to bed.Anyhow, in period only the method that master good shampoo is ok shampoo.Doctors remind: the real period can not do is the following three things 1, tooth extraction women in the menstrual period, the body hormone secretion is different from usual, the body capillary brittleness increases, prone to compensatory bleeding.If the tooth is extracted during menstruation, the blood clots in the wound caused by tooth extraction will decompose under the influence of hormone levels, which will make the wound bleeding continuously, which is not easy to heal and easily lead to surgical complications.2. During menstrual blood donation, the coagulation function of the female body will decline. At this time, blood donation will make the blood flow too much, which will affect the uterus.In addition, menstrual women are weak and have poor resistance, so blood donation is prone to colds and other diseases.3, live a husband and wife women’s menstrual period is the lowest level of estrogen progesterone in the body period, which will lead to a decrease in the resistance of the female reproductive system, and the ability to clean the private part is also very weak.If in the period of husband and wife life, it is easy to be infected by bacteria, plus cervical opening, menstrual blood flow, bacteria will take the opportunity to enter the pelvic cavity along the cervical opening, and even into the whole body, causing serious reproductive system infection, and even lead to infertility.Anyhow, the female comes “great aunt” when, want to pay attention to the maintenance of the body more, unfavorable to what thing do, what thing can do, understand clearly, such ability is helpful for health.