Chinese red days | Snow bamboo with Red Plum (five poems)

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Square area left neighbor wujue Renyin year on the first day of the first month xing Yin (three) (a) decimal hongmei qiao, winter jasmine and sheng.The white dove seeks an old friend, the green bamboo breathes fresh air.(two) magpie branches noisy, rooster wake up who.Fragrance looking back, snow bamboo with red plum.(three) snow bamboo white head qiao, against the wind does not bow.Coiled root 35 zhang, bearing into the clouds.Linjiang fairy do not forget the cold window students dream do not forget the cold window students dream, autumn clouds visible xiagong?Time is fleeting and silent.Campus flowers early thanks, but young love.And met a few degrees of high sound, who knows hair loose, lofty feelings did not fall things difficult to become.Gather more treasure, group words in the morning.Qinyuan Spring praise “green vest” volunteers volunteer without, gather force forward, build camp.See push rice bowl, in place in advance;Interspersed in the morning and evening, a total of zero.Two side by side, the same green, block the goblin to win, a total of the war, we encourage, everywhere shenbing.A good beginning grows.When endeavour, against the wind braving snow line.Our bosom earth, not afraid of dangers;Shouldering brocade, why fear the cold wind.Holding chang ying, eye view of everything, help the country to prosper.Fight for battle, is running around, dedication.Fangyu Zuolin (Li Huimin), is a member of The Chinese Poetry Association, the director of henan Province couplet Association, shangqiu city poetry association vice president.Editor: Li Xun-xiu editorial Department of Qingyanwei Literature