Oil prices are going up tonight!A full tank of gasoline 92 will cost 8 yuan more

2022-07-01 0 By

According to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), a new round of price adjustment window for refined oil products will open at 24:00 today.According to the price monitoring center of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the international oil price continued to rise sharply during the current price adjustment cycle (January 29 to February 16).On average, London Brent and New York WTI prices rose 5.26 percent from the previous price adjustment cycle.Affected by this, domestic gasoline, diesel retail prices subsequently up.The price of gasoline and diesel will rise by 210 yuan and 200 yuan per ton respectively, according to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).The national average: 92 gasoline 0.16 yuan per liter;95 gasoline increased by 0.17 yuan per liter;The increase of 0 diesel oil is 0.17 yuan per liter.CCTV financial reporter gives you a calculation, according to the average family car tank 50L capacity estimated, fill a tank of 92 gasoline, it will cost 8 yuan more.In the adjustment cycle, the russia-Ukraine border standoff continues to be tense, geopolitical factors caused by risk premium, is the main reason for the rise in oil prices.Some Western countries have withdrawn staff from their embassies in Ukraine. The United States says intelligence shows Russia is ready to attack at any time and has warned of sanctions.As Russia is a major exporter of crude oil, the market is concerned that if economic sanctions are imposed on Russia due to the war, global oil supply will be severely reduced.As a result, oil prices continued to rise, with Brent in London and WTI in the US both topping $95 a barrel, their highest since 2014.Extreme cold in parts of the United States and a drop in crude oil inventories also contributed to the rally.On average, London Brent and New York WTI prices rose 4.57% and 5.95% respectively in this adjustment cycle compared with the previous one.The Price Monitoring Center of the National Development and Reform Commission predicted that from the perspective of supply and demand, “Opec +” idle capacity is limited, the actual production has not reached the increase target, the US crude oil production is stagnant, in the expectation of faster demand growth, global crude oil inventory remains low, oil prices will still be supported.But the current price of oil is priced in a large geopolitical premium, and could be significantly retractable if the Russia-Ukraine border situation eases or the US-Iran nuclear talks make significant progress.In 2022, the adjustment price of domestic refined oil products has risen three times in a row.By the end of the adjustment, gasoline prices have been raised by 865 yuan per ton, and diesel prices by 830 yuan per ton.Source: CCTV Finance