The journey is more varied and these goods can be bought on the high speed train

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Some high-speed trains operated by China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. have started selling imported goods from the China-Europe freight trains. Passengers can enjoy preferential prices when buying them, making the Spring Festival travel rush richer and better.(China Railway February 2) strict control, safe and reliable.Recently, the China-Europe express train of high-speed railway launched a special commodity project, including eye cream, facial mask, lipstick, breath freshener and other daily necessities and food, so that passengers can buy goods made in Thailand, France and other places without leaving home. The affordable products are favored by many passengers.The launch of this special project, enrich the journey of passengers, not only can easily “buy the world”, but also can effectively let passengers feel affordable, all goods are subject to customs and local market departments of the whole process supervision, to ensure the fidelity of goods, affordable, it is a new convenience service.Service update, experience good.It is affordable and fun to buy genuine goods on high speed rail.In recent years, railway departments constantly innovate and improve various service measures, only for passengers to more convenient and comfortable experience the unprecedented journey service.The featured goods project of the High-speed Railway Is also an extension of the efficiency of the China-Europe railway, as well as an emerging service that can save passengers’ worries, time and effort.Let the passengers journey more colorful, experience a better service experience.Rich journey, quality assurance.A passenger on the G846 train said, I used to hear that goods brought by the China-Europe trains were good, but NOW I can buy them on the high-speed train, and cosmetics are of good quality.Now the service is getting better and better.”The railway sector actively explores the market-oriented operation mode, gives full play to the advantages of the railway industry, constantly improves the operation level and service quality, better meets people’s yearning for a better life, and provides convenient and high-quality travel services for people, which really reflects the people’s railway for the people’s service purpose.Enrich the journey, improve the service, different experience, different wonderful, let us look forward to a more diverse and beautiful journey experience in the future.(Jiang Yanping)