The snow stopped!What will the weather be like in Wuhan?

2022-07-01 0 By

“Snowflakes fluttering ~ north wind rustling ~ heaven and earth a vast ~” yesterday’s Wuhan that is magnifying for several years did not encounter so big snow snow has passed, our “after sale” has not ended Wuhan next weather how?…Here’s what you need to know…The weather forecast for Wuhan shows that the next three days will be dominated by overcast skies and low temperatures due to weak upper-level fluctuations.More rain will follow, with many more rainy days than sunny days in the first half of February.In the whole province, it is expected that in the next week, most parts of Hubei province will have precipitation from October 10 to 12 and 14. In other periods, it will be mainly cloudy, with low temperature and wet and cold weather.Due to the wide range and strong intensity of the rain and snow weather, there is obvious snow and freezing, remind the public to avoid or reduce outdoor activities, when walking out as far as possible to put on non-slip shoes, when encountering icy road, to slow down, beware of slipping.If driving, to check the vehicle in advance, take the corresponding anti-skid measures, reduce the speed, increase the safety distance.Weather forecast for Wuhan in the next few days: February 8th daytime: cloudy, foggy in the morning, north wind level 2 to 3, 0℃-5℃, 0℃-5℃ in the central city;Night of February 8th to day of February 9th: cloudy day, north wind level 2 to 3, 1℃-5℃, 1℃-5℃ in the central city;Night of Feb.9 to day of Feb.10: cloudy to overcast, east wind level 2 to 3, 0℃-6℃, 0℃-6℃ in central city.This is the spot where collision accidents occur during morning and evening rush hours