To volunteer for the Winter Olympics is the honor of youth.

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“To volunteer for the Winter Olympics is the honor of youth.”Recently, the reporter interviewed Liu Binyu, Huang Jing, CAI Huizhao and other volunteers in Zhangjiakou media reception station of Beijing Winter Olympics.Liu Said, “The Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou. We feel very happy and proud to be able to contribute to the Olympic Games.”In the Winter Olympics, behind the heavy MEDALS, there are more than 10,000 volunteers running in various venues, various service posts.Their unsung, dutiful actions brought tears to the eyes of 18-year-old American athlete Tessa Moder and won praise from Mexican cross-country skier Jonathan Soto Moreno: “What an amazing job they do!I really appreciate the volunteers.”A touch of bright “ji blue (volunteers down jacket color)”, become a beautiful scenery of the Winter Olympics.”I have been looking forward to the Beijing Winter Olympics since the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. I have been looking forward to volunteering at home, but this year my dream has come true!”Liu Finyu said, “Event volunteers, city volunteers, torch relay volunteers, opening ceremony volunteers are a service whole, which link is very important service.”This time, she worked as a city volunteer in the Media reception station of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games, which not only updated her volunteer service category, but also made her deeply feel that although the city volunteer is different from the event volunteer, the service content is different, but it provides the same important role for the whole Winter Olympic Games, which is indispensable.”How many?Don’t you feel heavy?”During the interview, the reporter smiled and asked liu Binyu when he saw the ribbon of her volunteer work card inlaid with commemorative brooches or badges of different sizes and shapes.”Every badge is a badge of remembrance and honor, and no number can be too heavy!”Liu Binyu immediately counted the badges on the ribbon and introduced the origin of each one as she counted them. “There are 18 badges in total, and there are still 60 or 70 at home.Sister Huang Jing has more family, she has two or three hundred badges!””Huang Jing, come on!You will do the best!”Volunteer Huang Jing, a native of Guangzhou, came to Zhangjiakou on January 31, New Year’s Eve.She said, as a volunteer of an international event, every thing, even a trivial matter, also represents the image of the event organizer, represents the image of Chinese volunteers, “careless is not allowed!”Every morning when the alarm clock rings, the first thing Huang does when she wakes up is to encourage herself and try to do better.Recalling her first volunteer service, Huang jing said that in the summer vacation of 2005, she saw the information about the recruitment of volunteers for the 4th East Asian Games in Macao from the Internet, and with the mentality of trying, she participated in the selection and became a VIP room manager of the basketball stadium.As a volunteer for the first time, she was very earnest and attracted the attention and praise of Cheng Wanqi, president of FIBA at that time. “He gave me a thumbs-up, which encouraged me to stick to it for 17 years.”Concentration and professionalism are important in volunteering for large-scale events.”Huang jing said that she had led a volunteer team of 40 people at the Guangzhou Asian Games. “Volunteers are all full of love, but it is more important to do their job well, prepare carefully, do their duty and make sure nothing goes wrong. This is also the embodiment of the volunteer spirit.”Volunteer CAI Huizhao is responsible for the reporting guidance of Chinese and foreign media reporters, travel consulting services and other work, he said to reporters: “I in Zhangjiakou university sophomore, actively signed up to do volunteer services for the Winter Olympics, feel can do something for the Winter Olympics, very proud!My parents encouraged me to do the same.””You don’t know how patriotic you are if you don’t participate in one Olympics.”Liu Finyu said, “This is a common saying among Chinese volunteers,” especially for overseas students participating in international events volunteer service, this feeling is even stronger.Every time I see the Chinese team and athletes achieve good results and win MEDALS, the passion of pride and cheering is even more inspiring.””They are world-class, but they never stop trying. I want to learn from them!”‘It’s common to see world-class athletes training hard at international venues, much harder than reported by the news media,’ Ms. Huang said.It was in the volunteer service that Huang Jing grew up that she was selected for the volunteer management position of guangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games, and was awarded the “Volunteer Star” of Shanghai World Expo, outstanding Volunteer Leader of China Music Golden Bell Award, Outstanding Volunteer of China Art Festival, etc.