Track announced!One confirmed case has been reported in Daqing city

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On 25 March 2022, a mild case of Novel Coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Datong District, Daqing City. It was a migrant worker from Laiqing.The city immediately activated the emergency response mechanism, and quickly carried out epidemic control and tracing, isolation and control, nucleic acid testing, environmental eradication, and medical treatment.Based on preliminary flow analysis, the trajectory of the confirmed case is as follows:At 10:30 on March 19th, take Bus 159 from Lanzhou No.4 Middle School Station to Lanzhou West Railway Station, take train C605 (Seat no. 002D of Car 06) to Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport at 11:43, take flight EU2274 (Seat No. 27A) to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport at 14:00.18:50 Transfer to FLIGHT CZ6250 (Seat No. 37J) and stop at Xi ‘an Airport to Daqing Saltu Airport;Arrive at Saltu Airport at 0:46 on March 20, take a special bus to Xishun Hotel in Datong District.Health monitoring in Xishun Hotel, Datong District, Daqing City from March 20 to March 24;March 24, 18:30 into the isolation point centralized isolation;March 25, nucleic acid test results positive, transferred to a designated hospital.Those who have traveled to the same place or taken the same train or flight at the same time as the confirmed cases should report to their communities (villages) and work units, and cooperate with them in carrying out epidemic screening, nucleic acid testing, and medical observation.At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is grim and complex. Citizens are urged to continue to fulfill their personal responsibility, pay attention to official announcements, and take protective measures such as wearing masks, washing hands, ventilation, disinfection and social distancing.Actively cooperate with the flow adjustment, accept the flow adjustment personnel to respond candidly, take the initiative to cooperate.Let us work together to stop the spread of the virus as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost.Daqing Center for Disease Control and Prevention On March 25, 2022 Contact number of Epidemic Prevention and control headquarters in all counties and districts of Daqing City: 0459-6352331, Ranghuru District, Duty Room, 0459-5596291, Saltu District, 0459-6181900, High-tech Zone, 0459-60400090, 459-6288901, Honggang District, 0459-2799113 Datong 0459-6161530 Longfeng 0459-60591570459-2767159 Zhaozhou County 0459-8520361 Zhaoyuan County 0459-8241033 Lindian County 0459-3317221 community 0459-3314119 township 0459-3322541 Dumeng County Community 0459-3422588 Township 0459-3452053 Daqing County CDC: 0459-6279221 Sa District CDC: 0459-6352591 Lang District CDC: 0459-6352591 Longfeng Disease control: 0459-2767159 Honggang DISEASE Control:Datong CDC control: 0459-6173877, Zhaozhou CDC control: 0459-8520511, Lindian CDC control: 0459-8232328, Dumont CDC control: 0459-33224730459-3410143 source | daqing city center for disease control and prevention (municipal party committee propaganda department feed)