Correctly understand and grasp primary product supply guarantee

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Strengthen strategic planning, ensuring the security of the supply, to achieve a high level of free-standing self-improvement, firmly hold the new development pattern of the security line, firmly grasp the initiative in the development of agricultural products, energy, minerals and other primary products is part of the economy as a whole is most basic, strengthening of primary products supply security, is the reality is a long-term strategy, is a matter of the steady development of our country.The Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of last year clearly put forward the need to correctly understand and grasp the new major theoretical and practical problems facing China’s development, one of the important aspects is “correctly understand and grasp the primary product supply guarantee”.For a big country like China, ensuring the supply of primary products is a major strategic issue.Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has attached great importance to ensuring the supply of primary products and repeatedly stressed that “the Rice bowl of the Chinese people should be firmly in their own hands at all times”.We achieved a grain harvest in the 18th consecutive year, made significant progress in the use of natural resources, and deepened the energy revolution, thus laying a solid foundation for high-quality economic and social development.At the same time, we should also see that with the increasing size of China’s economy, China’s primary product consumption is increasing rapidly, China’s primary product import dependence has been relatively high, some are still rising.A serious shortfall in primary product supplies could turn into a “gray rhino” event, especially with regard to food security.This requires us to correctly understand and grasp the primary product supply guarantee, strengthen strategic planning, to ensure the security of supply.Only in this way can we achieve a high level of self-reliance and self-improvement, firmly guard the bottom line of security in the new development pattern, and firmly grasp the initiative of development.To correctly understand and grasp the supply guarantee of primary products, it is necessary to give priority to saving and implement the overall saving strategy.China is rich in total resources, but its per capita resources are far below the world average. Extensive use of resources remains a serious problem. In particular, more than one billion people need to eat.Is the so-called: “take a system, use a section of the surplus, take no system, use no section of the lack.”Giving priority to economy is a necessary requirement for China’s national conditions to ensure the safety of primary product supply.We should give top priority to energy and resources conservation, implement a comprehensive conservation strategy, and deepen conservation efforts in all areas.On the one hand, in the field of production, we should promote comprehensive conservation, intensive and recycling of resources and comprehensively improve the efficiency of resource utilization.On the other hand, in the area of consumption, we need to raise the public’s awareness of conservation, advocate a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, and oppose extravagance, waste and excessive consumption.At the same time, we should also carry out in-depth publicity and education on resources in China and encourage the whole society to firmly establish a sense of resource conservation and utilization.Correct understanding and grasp primary product supply guarantee, it is necessary to enhance domestic resources production guarantee ability.Energy is the food of industry, the lifeblood of developing national economy and the important material basis of improving people’s living standard.General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed during his inspection of Shengli Oilfield that “As a big manufacturing country, China must hold the rice bowl of energy in its own hands to develop the real economy.”We must have a deep understanding that we should use the “two markets,” but there must be a safety line beyond which red lights will be raised.It is the key to ensure the rice bowl of energy resources and enhance the production capacity of domestic resources.This requires us to make clear the strategic bottom line of self-sufficiency in domestic production of important energy and resources, and accelerate the development and application of advanced technologies for exploiting oil and gas and other resources.We will strengthen the development of the national strategic material reserve system and play a regulatory role in ensuring the bottom line at critical moments.We will classify, reduce and recycle waste, and speed up the development of a system for recycling waste.Only by taking multiple measures and forming synergy can we maintain the bottom line of energy and resource security and build a security line for high-quality economic and social development.To correctly understand and grasp primary product supply guarantee, it is necessary to put improving agricultural comprehensive production capacity in a more prominent position.Grain is vital to national prosperity and people’s livelihood.For China, a big country with a population of more than 1.4 billion, the position of agriculture as the foundation of the economy should never be neglected or weakened. It is true that we have food in hand and do not panic at all times.We must be keenly aware that despite successive years of bumper grain harvests, the foundation for China’s food security remains weak and structural problems still exist.Relying on others to solve the problem of feeding the Chinese people is neither realistic nor reliable.To ensure food security, it is necessary to stick to the “grain self-sufficiency, rations” absolute security strategy of the bottom line, the implementation of the national food security strategy under the new situation, to advance to storing grain to the ground and hiding the food, to ensure that the area sown to grain stable, continue to promote the construction of high standard farmland, in-depth implementation of the seed industry revitalization action, improve the level of agricultural machinery and equipment, ensuring grain farmers reasonable profits.In this way, we can lay a solid foundation for stable and increased agricultural output and keep the rice bowl firmly in our hands.Correctly understand and grasp the primary products supply security, as a whole both development and security events, the primary products supply in important position, we will be good solution chess, play good ZhuDongZhang, strengthen primary products supply security cornerstone, calmly cope with the challenge of various risks and to ensure sustainable and healthy economic development and social stability.People’s Daily (February 09, 2022, 05 edition) (Edited by: Guo Tingting, Zhang Jun) Share so that more people can see