On the conception of the main line-up of the Women’s Volleyball Team: Based on these five people, they can achieve great achievements in the Paris Olympic Games

2022-07-02 0 By

The Tokyo Olympic Games women’s volleyball team was knocked out last year, creating the worst record in the Olympic Games, in the face of defeat, lang ping retire, in women’s volleyball team has been delayed to choose coach, but the future no matter who when the women’s volleyball coach, a little may change, the first is the coaching staff, followed by the replacement of the players, in addition, new coach,Is based on his concept of volleyball team, tactical thinking, then the women’s volleyball team will have a wave of unrest and is more difficult for women’s volleyball team, the league has ended, but hard to have new bright eye, in the case of some retired veteran, who can fill the gap, once the improper operation, women’s volleyball team is likely to fall again, but for women,All five will have to come together to repeat their success in the new cycle and Paris.Twila was the first one, also is the captain, is a very good athlete world of sports, height 1.98 meters, wingspan 2.13 meters, empty have amazing jumping ability and ability, she was able to ignore the opponent blocking, relaxed choice spiking line, women’s volleyball World Cup in 2015, led the Chinese women’s volleyball team trophy success the 2016 Olympics in Rio,She led the team to win the championship with her “super performance” and won the MVP and the best main attack. She stayed abroad for three years and won eight championships and six MVPS. She also won the Women’s Volleyball Player of the Year for three consecutive years.Second, Li Yingying, indomitable resilience character, is the most young women’s volleyball team, and with the main future development movement, especially good at in 4, using the great height length and speed smashes, now 22 years old, he has won many titles and individual accolades, the Olympic Games have a more important role in Tokyo, if can fully exercise,Then it is expected to grow into the leader after Zhu Ting.Third Zhang Changning, height 1 meter 95, is famous for its comprehensive technology, the technology of balance has even exceeded twila, serve very characteristics, receiving tends to destroy each other, the defensive end, also had his existence, can mitigate the pressure of twila etc, also can enrich the team’s tactical system, for the women’s volleyball team,More importantly, Zhang Changning is the only one of the active attack players who can catch six rounds of one pass, which can help the team very well. There are countless honors.Fourth Yuan Xinyue, height 2.01 meters, is the highest in the history of Chinese women’s volleyball team head and main force player, main period of rapid rise in Tokyo Olympic Games women’s volleyball team had a rookie, vicious attack, block, is the national women’s volleyball team in urgent need of promising offensive, is the national women’s volleyball team in urgent need of promising attacking players, their condition has the qualities of a volleyball and talent.Fifth Gong Xiangyu, height 1.86 meters, physical quality is good, high jump, spiking strength, she had better, receiving defense is good also, technical comprehensive, assumes that many accolades, women’s volleyball team’s active real meet, for now, the current “position is main or give priority to in order to guarantee, at the same time there are some offensive ability, good security pass.The above five players, together with Yao Di, Diao linyu, Wang Yuanyuan and Wang Weiyi, constitute the main lineup of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team. We can have good expectations for this lineup of the Chinese women’s Volleyball team!We feel that this main line-up can make the women’s volleyball team complete the upgrading, whether it can return to the former glory, you can discuss in the comments section, give your opinion!