Only students don’t want to start school?Teacher: Are you sure?

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The winter vacation has come to an end for primary and middle school students in various regions.These days we can always see a lot of videos of students frantically catching up on homework, it seems that they feel that there is not enough time for this winter vacation.And the students also feel the lack of time, do not want to reopen the school teachers.During this period of time, I often saw videos of teachers lying in bed and resisting.Some net friends summed up a group, now teachers face the psychological state of school.Got the unanimous approval of the teacher, and said it was too real, do not let the principal see.Only students don’t want to start school?Teacher: Are you sure?When the school starts, teachers and students feel the same, you can see teachers at home and parents complaining: “I don’t want to go to school.”Then the parent slaps the back of the head: “No, you’re a teacher.”Some teachers joked that the teachers who do not want to go to work now are the same students as those who do not want to go to school.After all, it is a long process for students to be too lazy to get up and use their brains.Winter vacation days at home are always beautiful.Students also need to do homework in winter vacation, but teachers can have a good rest during winter vacation, although this period occasionally need to go back to school to toss about, but also better than in school.When I got back to school, I was surrounded by students.The teacher long teacher short noisy, forward 1: “teacher, how to do this problem?””Teacher, I have a stomachache.””Teacher, small handsome dozen me.”The primary school teacher has the primary school teacher’s pain, the student is the thing will be more, the teacher needs to be busy.You also have to deal with conflicts between students and, occasionally, parents and schools.Middle school teachers will be more difficult, although students have better self-care ability, but the academic pressure will be greater.Especially with the third graduating class of teachers, school is a highly tense state.The only person who can give a grade 3 teacher a run for her money is a high school teacher.But high school teachers should not experience the pain of starting school.After all, during the winter vacation, high school teachers are not idle.High school is a time of constant preparation, and both students and teachers need to be on high alert.So this kind of back-to-school phobia probably doesn’t happen to high school teachers.There are a lot of teachers who say that this feeling is always too real, but I don’t know if it will be seen by the principal.If the principal sees it, he will ask, “Are you sure?”Both teachers and students can experience a period of discomfort after winter break.During this time the nerves of both students and teachers are in a state of relaxation.Learning and teaching in a relaxed state do not work very well.Primary school is ok, but after middle school and high school, if you are not well engaged, it will have a great impact on the progress of learning.Some professional teachers say that many students keep this state for more than a month, and a semester only lasts four months.Delayed a quarter of the time, this month is the watershed between the students to open the results.Teachers are also in the same situation. Although teachers can work faster, they will also be out of state when they get up early every day and when they teach at school, which makes them feel some dissociation.Some teachers feel that their teaching process is like being dragged away by the police.I had to go to school and face the daily forms and the back-to-school statements.School cleaning, all the preparatory work you have to do.For the old teachers, everything may have been familiar, even many teachers at home on vacation will maintain the state, and school work is the same mood.But for many young teachers, especially teachers who have just graduated from normal university, or who have a bachelor’s degree but are not teachers, it is likely that their psychological state has not been transformed from students to teachers.She needs to face the students every day, in the face of the school and the principal of all kinds of problems, there will be some overwhelmed.All this is understandable, but now after all, school is a sure thing.Either way, there’s no escaping it twice a year, so stop languishing under the covers.Don’t think about going out to play games at home, the face of the school always have to face, and students spend the winter holiday syndrome.I believe that this group of young teachers can understand the mood of students just started school.There would have been more in common. There would have been less of a generation gap.You can even use this as an excuse to talk to students about the psychological dynamics between winter vacation and the beginning of school.This helps students to relieve the holiday syndrome, can be faster and better into the study, as far as possible to avoid emotional problems affect the learning progress.What do you think about this?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to ball ball education (pictures are from the network, if infringement, please contact delete)