Qiong Yao girl love, play love, play outside the heart abuse

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Qiong Yao’s novels have a kind of magic, landslides, tsunamis, heartbreaking love stories, read people gnash teeth, but can not stop.Every remake of the TV series is able to make a person never tire of, with relish for several years.Qiongyao girls live happily in the play, their life mixed joys and sorrows, short but full of passion.However, these are considered to be fictional life, there are two very popular qiongyao girls in the play has a more legendary experience.Liu Xuehua: tragic heroine Qiong Yao likes Liu Xuehua very much the appearance of gentle and beautiful classical, more appreciate her outside soft inside just character, gentle in the play like water, but lively and lovely outside the play.Qiong Yao loved her as if she were her own child. She helped her choose her apartment in Taipei and even arranged the bedding by herself.In “several degrees of Sunset red”, Qiong Yao invited Liu Xuehua.This phenomenon TV drama achievements Liu Xuehua queen of the legend, after ten years is qiong Yao drama peak era, and Qiong Yao has not changed the heroine.Liu Xuehua’s crying drama no one can reach, she will never stare big eyes let facial features cry to deformation, but “star eye half piece”, “bead tears two lines”, the mood is not intense, but let a person heartbroken.Her performance is regarded as a classic of The Times in romantic drama.Liu Xuehua’s star road is smooth, but the feeling is also like qiong Yao drama that fate is ill-fated, ups and downs.She met numerology doom Liu Dekai in the process of filming.In 1991, Lau showed up unannounced on the set to propose to Liu, which moved her so much that they went public with their relationship.Liu Xuehua is queen of 8 o ‘clock file, and Liu Dekai is the take charge of small unripe that Taiwan sees, two people should compose the love fairy tale of a paragraph of talented person beautiful woman originally, did not think of to bring up evil reason however.Liu xuehua loves Decai very deeply and is willing to help her boyfriend’s career.After “Lean on the Sky and Slay the Dragon”, Lau decai did not have many good works, and his fame gradually declined.The popular Liu Xuehua spares no effort for her boyfriend’s new play platform and introduced Liu Dekai to Qiong Yao, so Liu Dekai became the leading man of “New Moon Princess”, career turned around again.However, the couple has not entered the wedding hall, during which Liu Decai has been constantly rumored, Liu Xuehua also chose to forgive again and again.In 1995, Liu xuehua became pregnant and the media reported that the couple intended to marry.But as it happens Liu Dekai will go to France to film “A Curtain of dreams”, Liu Xuehua stays in Taipei to raise a baby, they discuss the marriage after liu Dekai comes back to film.A month later, there were no reports of the two tying the knot, but the media broke the news that “Liu Dekai changed his heart” and “Liu Xuehua lost her child”.After months of intense rumours, Andy Lau has confirmed the loss of his child, but he is “not a heartbreaker”, and the couple have officially separated after seven years together.Andy Lau announced his engagement amid speculation about the reasons for the split.His girlfriend is Angie, a French girl whom he met on the set of A Blind Dream.Everyone knows, and the rumors are true, that Lau fell in love with someone else while Liu was pregnant.It is said that Liu Xuehua knew early on this matter, she is like a bolt from the blue, full day dizzy, some day falls carelessly when the bathroom takes a bath, abortion still caused haemorrhage, let Liu Xuehua have to remove uterus this accident, lost the qualification that makes a mother from now on.Liu Xuehua is very painful, she does not want to understand what he did wrong, also ever tried to try to redeem, wait however really is liu Dekai transmits the marriage news.It’s not that you don’t want to get married, it’s just that you don’t want to get married.Liu Xuehua gave up and fell into depression, but she never said a word about Liu Decai.The breakup was still done with the best decency.But many years later, liu Xuehua love qiong Yao wrote in her blog: “When you were hurt, you also cried in my arms, I hold you, ease your pain.”Fortunately, without the unfaithful Han, Liu Xuehua still has a worthy pursuit of career, spiritual place.Two years later, Liu met deng Yukun, the famous screenwriter of the hit TV series Bao Qingtian, who deserves her life.Deng yukun is talented and loves Liu xuehua as his daughter.Liu xuehua, unable to have children, treated deng’s children from his first marriage as her own.They live a plain and happy life after marriage.Unfortunately, god still gave Liu xuehua a heavy blow. In 2011, Deng Yukun accidentally fell from the roof and died, which made her heartbroken for a long time.Looking back, Liu xuehua is like qiong Yao’s drama, full of grief and pain, but instead of drooping, she continues to make TV series after TV series, leaving behind many classic screen roles.After that, she was alone, did not accept fate to sink, after experiencing heavy disaster, still wholeheartedly into the job, pick up the direction of life.Just like the characters in her play, she is sad but not bitter, even though she is weak, she also has strong and stubborn character.There are no obstacles in life that can’t be overcome. Everything will fade as time goes by, and life can still be wonderful.Qiong Yao girl life such as play, because of love and injury, life cannot leave love;But the play is not as good as life, not trapped by love, still tough and live.After vicissitudes of life, beautiful and tortuous, looking back on life, is legend.