There is smell of painting | the fifth day of the first month, the “tiger” body of wealth to welcome the New Year

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“Child child you don’t cry, your father went to dengzhou capital, hua la stick, mud tiger, goo ga goo ga twenty-five cents.”The goo goo goo goo goo tiger is one of the most typical examples of the Gaomi Nijiazhuang clay sculptures, an intangible cultural heritage with a history of 500 years.Nijiazhuang clay sculptures are unique among clay sculptures in China because of their simple shapes and colorful coloring. As a typical representative, “Clay sculpture called tiger” stands upright and staring, holding its head high, with big peach flowers hanging on its chest and a large “King” painted with zhu brush on its forehead. It is not only dignified and charming, but also charming.The expression is bold and exaggerated, with both spirit and strong local flavor.Nie Peng is the 22nd generation inheritor of Nie Jia Zhuang clay sculpture in Jiangzhuang Town, Gaomi City.Before the Spring Festival, in the Nie Peng clay workshop of Nie Jiazhuang village, Gaomi City, the reporter saw that all kinds of “clay sculptures called tigers” appeared, such as “classic tiger”, “god of wealth tiger”, “Nafu tiger”, “peace tiger” and other good meaning of the “little tiger” to earn enough eyeball, so that customers come to buy fondly.The clay tiger works created by Nie Pengxin are very colorful.Among them, a pair of “golden tiger” lifelike, chest written “Daily jindojin, eight party to wealth”, meaning is very good.A pair of clay tigers are decorated with paper-cut elements, one with “Longevity” on its chest and the other with “happiness” on its chest. The two clay tigers are decorated with various colors and are very beautiful.There is also a pair of clay tiger, the appearance is very “chic”, with the “god of wealth” appearance, is also very distinctive…Today is the fifth day of the first lunar month.In the past, many shops were closed from the first day of the lunar New Year until the fifth day of the birthday of the God of wealth.That is to say, after today, we will slowly find the state of the year before.Wish you all the New Year open: financial resources widely into, daily jindidijin;Fortune “tiger” body, all the best!Wave studio production design: Chen Yanjiao editor: Zhang Yuqing