What festival is the 21st of the first lunar month?What’s the point?Old traditions should not be lost

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What festival is the 21st of the first lunar month?What’s the point?Old traditions can’t be lost!As the saying goes, “Wear clothes on the 20th day of the first lunar month, and wear clothes on the 21st day of the first lunar month”, meaning that the 20th day of the first lunar month is the day to wear clothes on the 21st day of the first lunar month, so the 21st day is the day to wear clothes on the ground.”The east wind thaws and disperses into rain, and spring returns to the earth.” The rain indicates that crops can grow better, especially wheat, so this day is also “wheat Day”.There is a popular saying that goes, “Let us eat but not let us eat, but let us look at the 21st day of the first lunar month.” This also shows that wheat Day is very important.It is said that if the weather is clear and the wind is calm on wheat Day, it indicates a good harvest of wheat.On the contrary, if the day is cloudy and rainy, it indicates that the wheat harvest is difficult, reflecting people’s good wishes for a good harvest and a prosperous life.In the north, wheat day is also called “little filling”.It is said that the “warehouse filling festival” is divided into big warehouse filling and small warehouse filling, the 21st day of the first month for small warehouse filling, and the 25th day for the big warehouse filling, so the 21st day of the first month there are a lot of customs and attention, do you know?Old traditions should not be lost.Exquisite one: eat a traditional box box, is our “zygote”, the north said, it is dumplings deformation, a kind of very delicious stuffed pasta, shape usually a round shape or semicircle shape, some handy qiaofu to beautiful, zygote side will make a beautiful design, delicate and delicious, implies a happy family, HeHeMeiMei;Harmony begets wealth, and wealth rolls in.1, take an appropriate amount of flour to add 2 grams of salt, and then a small amount of water many times, adjusted into flocculent hands knead into smooth noodles, wake up for 10 minutes;Divide the dough into six equal parts and knead them into strips. Pour oil into another plate and evenly spread each strip with oil. Wake the dough for 20 minutes twice.2, filling: leek wash chopped, add 2 spoons of cooking oil mixing, the purpose is to lock the moisture and umami;Soak soft vermicelli chopped;Eggs fried eggs broken;Add salt and pepper to taste and mix well again.3, take out the dough, pour the excess oil in the plate on the panel, wake up the dough agent according to the flat roll into a pancake, put up the good filling in the middle of the pie skin, fold in half on both sides of the stuffing, and then roll up, roll and stretch, the tail at the bottom of the cake, press flat after rolling.4. Take an electric pancake pan, add oil and preheat the pancake, cover and fry the pancake for 2 minutes. After setting, turn over and continue to fry for 2 minutes until golden brown on both sides.In the north, sorghum rice is used to be cooked during the small filling festival. Although the rice is peeling, it still has a faint red color, which represents prosperity. There is no shortage of food and good luck.In addition, sorghum rice belongs to coarse grain, and special nutrition, meaning a happy harvest in the New Year, a rich life, ample food and clothing.Pay attention to three: warehouse filling small warehouse filling festival, there must be an activity that is the warehouse filling, is generally with 21 in the morning every family in their yard or threshing, sprinkle some grains and sifted cooking ash, this is the warehouse filling.Pay attention to the fourth: the small filling festival of the sacrifice warehouse officer, another activity is the sacrifice warehouse officer, usually on the 21st night of the first month in front of their own granaries put snacks and food, to sacrifice to the granary officer, meaning the New Year’s harvest, granary full, good luck.Pay attention to five: hoe small warehouse filling festival, there is an activity is hoeing, generally the twenty-first day of the first month to go to their own field to hoe, so that their home nutrition, the crops in the field are a good harvest.The 20th day of the first lunar month is called “Day wear Festival”.What’s the point?The 21st day of the first lunar month is the “Ground Wearing Festival”, “Wheat Day” and “Small Filling Festival”. There are five special traditions on this day, which should not be lost, implying good weather and good harvest.I’m Xiaofeng, if you like xiaofeng’s food, don’t forget to follow the foodie Fengzi oh!This article by foodie feng Zi original, welcome to pay attention to communicate with you, let everyone benefit, three people will have my teacher yan ~