Why did the DPP open the nuclear food policy?Lien Calls on Japan to support ‘Resistance to China’

2022-07-02 0 By

The democratic Progressive Party (DPP) announced on August 8 that it would lift the ban on food from five prefeccounties around Fukushima prefecture in Japan, sparking controversy. “Executive Yuan” spokesman Luo Bingcheng claimed that this would help Taiwan join the CPTPP.Lien Lien, vice chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT), said on Thursday, “The democratic Progressive Party’s claim that opening Japan’s nuclear program will give it a ticket to join the CPTPP is definitely the biggest lie since the beginning of this spring.Because the Japanese have already said that opening nuclear food has nothing to do with joining the CPTPP.”What the DPP really needs is Japanese support for its struggle against mainland China.Lien Posted on His Facebook page on Sunday that the DPP did not dare to tell the public how many industries Taiwan needs to open up, how many years it will have to wait, how many concessions it will make, and how many people’s rights and interests will be sacrificed to achieve the goal in order to join the CPTPP.Lien think, at that time open nuclear food imports, in fact, the democratic progressive party (DPP) really need is to rely on the Japanese support for their struggle to mainland China, for the island’s people, can’t really see any benefits, and the democratic progressive party (DPP) open Japan food was so bad, after all is because in the previous lai pig “referendum” on,In other words, the result of the “referendum” gave the DPP an excuse to misinterpret public opinion as authorizing the DPP to allow pork and nuclear imports.Lien said that even in last year’s “referendum”, the north of Taichung almost unanimously agreed more than disagreed on various issues, especially the “referendum” against Lesser-Known pork food safety, but it fell short because of the low turnout in those regions.This shows once again that if people do not care about public issues or do not vote for the “referendum” because they think it is useless, they will only condone the domineering “ruling” party and allow them to do whatever they want and crush public opinion.I hope you can remember the painful lesson that you should take care of your own rights and never give any chance to greedy and bullying politicians to harm people’s welfare.Source: Hong Kong China Review website # Taiwan #