God Beast Opening Ceremony II: listen to ancestors’ teachings, observe real life, and accumulate composition materials

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1. The sky can be filled in, the sea can be filled in, and the south mountain can be moved.Past, can not be recovered.2. A man of ideals cherishes the day, but sorrow makes the night long.3. Relying on the size of the country, pity the people of the people, to see the enemy, that the arrogant soldier, the arrogant soldier will destroy.4. Encouraged in time, time and tide wait for no man.– Tao Yuanming 5. A mountain, two mountains, mountain far day high cold, Acacia Maple Leaf Dan.Chrysanthemum open, chrysanthemum residual, Saiyan gaofei people have not yet, a curtain fengyue idle.6. Lingbo but hengtang Road, but watch, fang dust to.Jinse Hua year who and degree?Platform flowers pavilion, Windows zhu Hu, only spring knowledge.Bi Yun Ran Ran Gao Twilight, color pen new heartbroken sentence.How much is sorrow?A chuan tobacco, city wind flocculant, plum yellow rain.7. I live at the end of the Yangtze River, and you live at the end.Day after day wonder whether you, drink the Yangtze River water.This water when rest, this hate when already.Only let your heart like my heart, not lovesickness.– Li Zhiyi “Bu Operator” 8. Fiber clouds skillfully, flying stars hate, Yinhan distant darkness.Jinfeng Yulu a meet, they win but countless world.Tender as water, good time like a dream, endure to return to magpie bridge.If love between two people is long, why need they exist every morning and evening?9. The fragrant remnant of red lotus root, when she eases luo’s clothes in autumn, she gets on the orchid boat alone.Who sent the book in the cloud?Wild goose word back, full moon west building.Flower since floating water artesian, a kind of acacia, two idle sorrow.The sorrow can by no means be driven away. From eyebrows kept apart, again it bothers my heart.– Li Qingzhao “Pruning Plum” 10. Dongfeng night flowers thousands of trees.More blown, stars such as rain.BMW carved car fragrance full road.The sound of the flute moves, the jade pot turns, and the fish and dragon dance all night.Gold thread of moth and willow.The laughter is fragrant.looking for him for thousand times in the crowdSuddenly look back, that person is in, lights dim.– Xin Qiji “Green Jade Case · Yuan Evening” 11. Young people listen to rain song upstairs, red candle faint luo tent.In the prime of life, the river is wide and the clouds are low, and the wild goose is called the west wind.Now listen to the rain monk lu, temples have stars also.Joys and sorrows in union total ruthless, a bit before the order to dawn.Life will not acacia, acacia, then acacia.Body like floating clouds, heart such as catkins, air if gossamer.Empty a wisp of lingering fragrance here, looking forward to the daughter of the wanderer?When does the syndrome come?When the lamp is half dark, the moon is half bright.– Xu Zaisi “Spring Love” 13. A lifetime of a pair of people, compete to teach two ecstasy.Acacia look at each other not blind date, day for who spring?Pulp to blue bridge easy begging, medicine into blue sea difficult to run.If allow phase visit drink Oxford, relative forget poor.– Nalan Xingde “Painting Hall spring” 14. Not arrogant in order to learn the long, and its own learning.– Tan Sitong 15. Don’t boast, complacency will turn over.Through the ancient and modern many things, into the defeat by the luxury of humility.– Chen Yi 16. To achieve enlightenment, don’t speak the mandate of heaven.One sad, one happy, one withered, which former life doomed?The cassock does not have pure, the world of mortals does not dye sex empty.Faint ancient temple millennium bell, all is wishful thinking.– Dou Dou, wu # Love ancient Poetry #