Huang Chao although brutal, but he pulled out for our country, nearly 600 years of harm “cancer”

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At the end of the Tang Dynasty, there was the Huang Chao Uprising, led by a salt trader named Huang Chao.Born in the peasant class, he hated the Tang bureaucracy, especially the aristocratic family.As he led the rebels to seize power, he let his soldiers burn, kill and loot, and treated prisoners with brutality.Especially after Huang Chao invaded Chang ‘an and declared himself king, he killed all the officials of the Tang Dynasty.In his eyes, officials above three grades must have nepotism or power entanglements with the Tang dynasty royal family.He wants to get rid of this bureaucratic, entrenched and unshakeable phenomenon.Huang Chao’s methods, though cruel, solved the problem to some extent.There were many dynasties in ancient China where the rulers became more and more tyrannical towards the end of their lives, squeezing the people more and more, leading to peasant uprisings and the eventual downfall of the regime.Since ancient China was a feudal monarchy, the position of the emperor was very superior.They hold the power of life and death and do not feel the bitterness and sufferings of ordinary people’s life.As a result, they are squeezing the people more and more.Water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn it. If people’s life becomes bad, it will easily lead to social unrest.The same was true in the late Tang Dynasty, when the ruler was too stupid and drove the people to a state of dire straits.So many people launched peasant uprisings, including Huang Chao.Huang Chao’s ancestors sold salt, so they were very rich.Huang Chao was fond of reading when he was young, but because his family was engaged in business, he only knew a little about writing and was not a complete literati.Besides reading and writing, Huang Chao was also fond of horse riding and archery. He also had some skills in boxing and feet.Perhaps because huang Chao’s ancestors were in business, the means of making a living in business has been handed down to his generation.He is a very flexible man and does not like to be stuck in a rut.So at the end of the Tang Dynasty, when wang Xianzhi, a private salt trader, rebelled, Huang Chao immediately joined them.Because the Tang rulers had lost popularity, Wang xianzhi’s rebel forces quickly captured more than a dozen states.It took less than a year for the rebels to reach the Central Plains.After reaching the Central Plains, the team remained indomitable and invincible.This made many tang generals frightened and did not dare to fight against it.In order to appease them, the imperial court chose to woo them.The emperor was Tang Loyal, but at the time, Tang Loyal only made Wang Xianzhi an official.Huang Chao felt very angry about Tang Xizong choosing Wang Xianzhi between himself and Wang Xianzhi.But he also had no other way, can only reprimand Wang Xianzhi, said that at the beginning we agreed together, how can you break faith.Wang xianzhi herself had wanted to submit to the court, but Huang Chao had been inciting his subordinates.No way, Wang xianzhi had to give up.Since then, Wang Xianzhi and Huang Chao have estrangement.Later, the two soldiers divided into two sides, and wang Xianzhi’s part of the army was severely attacked by the court, and Wang Xianzhi was captured and killed.This left the rebels with only one leader, Huang Chao.Elected by the soldiers, Huang Chao called himself General Chong Tian.Huang Chao was a very cruel man, even when he worked with Wang Xianzhi in the early days.Wherever he struck, he was cruel to the local people.Basically their behavior and bandits are no different, to a place, will be looting and burning.Huang Chao was also cruel to the officials of the imperial court.Officials who fall into his hands are almost dead.In the course of his uprising, he killed many military generals of the Tang Dynasty.Sometimes even if they surrender, Huang Chao will not spare them.After Wang Xianzhi died, Huang Chao declared himself king.Because when Wang Xianzhi died, part of the rebel army was lost.As a result, their forces are not as strong as before.Later, when the imperial court sent brigand suppression team, huang Chao led the rebels retreat one after another.Under such circumstances, Huang Chao chose to surrender to the imperial court.Huang Chao’s family has been engaged in business for generations, so he is a very lively person.His surrender was only a temporary stopgap, and after some delay the strength of the rebel army was restored to some extent.Huang Chao and his men began to campaign everywhere again and fought all the way to Chang ‘an, where he became emperor.But later, several of Huang Chao’s great generals surrendered to the Tang Loyal one after another, so in the end he didn’t stay as emperor for long, but was captured by Tang Loyal and had his head chopped off.Throughout huang Chao’s uprising, he and his army had the name of a peasant uprising.But every time a city was taken, it was pillaged.Though they speak of righteousness, they commit injustice.He massacred many officials of the Tang dynasty and captured many of them after he captured Chang ‘an and proclaimed himself emperor.At that time, he issued an initiative.Officials with more than three grades are suspended, and those with less than four grades can be reinstated.That is to say, Huang Chao did not touch any minor officials in the Tang Dynasty, but all the high-ranking officials or members of the royal family were caught and killed by his men.This was because the conflict between the peasants and the Tang imperial family was too great.Huang Chao’s peasant rebels represented the peasant class, and they hated the Tang royal family.So the first thing about Huang Chao’s political ambitions was that he wanted to be the one who could call the shots, he wanted to be the emperor himself.And secondly, he wanted his ministers to come from the same class, and this class had no prejudice of birth.Although Huang Chao’s methods were very cruel, he solved the prejudice of caste and family in the tang Dynasty bureaucracy through his vicious means.By the Time of the Tang Dynasty, the prejudice of the feudal bureaucracy had lasted for more than 600 years.The significance of Huang Chao uprising is to eliminate this problem by bloody means.To sum up, feudal society has many disadvantages, such as the bureaucratic system.Even if the imperial examination existed, the bureaucracy was unfair.Because most of the important ministers in the court are based on family and the relationship between the royal family and existence.What’s more, this family of bureaucrats will pass from one generation to the next, so that those who are educated from poor backgrounds will never get a chance.The fairness brought by the imperial examination would be greatly reduced.As an insurgent born in the peasant class, Huang Chao aspires to be an official in the Imperial Court. After he gained power, the first thing he did was to break the feudal bureaucracy.It was probably one of the few meaningful things he did after the uprising.