“Net swims big god” the identity realizes

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The public prosecutor appeared in court to support the prosecution of Wang Jie, who was born in 1999. At a young age, he was handcuffed and put on a yellow prison uniform. All of this started because of the game.On November 20, 2021, Wang Jie was sentenced to one year and nine months in prison and fined 20,000 yuan by the People’s Procuratorate of Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, after being prosecuted for fraud.After the first sentence, Wang Jie filed an appeal.On January 19, 2022, the second instance upheld the original judgment and dismissed the appeal.Addicted to online games Since 2012, the popular online gunfight game entered Wang Jie’s life.Young Wang Jie found that those “marksmanship accurate” “online game god” deeply sought after.His friends were all talking about the exciting games and the handsome operations of the “big gods”, which made Wang Feel excited.He began frequenting “black Internet cafes” and playing games all day and all night to hone his skills, even to the point of neglecting his studies.Wang’s parents tried to dissuade him from indulging in online games, but with little success.After junior high school graduates, Wang Jie enters technical school to learn electrician technology below the arrangement of parents.Relying on technology, he played odd jobs in factories, but boring life and work let Wang Jie very dissatisfied.The virtual game world is in contrast to real life, which gives Wang a sense of satisfaction and existence.Playing a few years of the game, his technology greatly improved, in the game is the “king of guns” segment, gradually become “god player”.In 2016, Wang jie joined a wechat group to promote communication.There were about three or four hundred people in the group, all game players, and they didn’t know each other.The dazzling information in the group let Wang Jie very moved, he found that playing games can also make money, as long as to help customers play games, each win a ranking can earn more than ten yuan.Without too much hesitation, Wang Jie entered the “training circle.”With the help of his peers, he added a dozen clients.”I feel a bit like a didi driver. In short, orders come and they follow.”Wangjie said.Wang Jie’s best position is “sniper”, and won the title of “blitzer god”.Therefore, in the encounter with a customer request to play on behalf of the “knife war” “biochemical mode” and other modes That Wang Jie does not want to play, Wang Jie will send “monad” to the training exchange group.”According to the rules of the line, we will generally and receive the order of the agent fifty-fifty split.”Wang Jie said the circle is like this.Moreover, practice also needs to “do advertising”, and the best advertising is their own account, regardless of large, small to have a more advanced ranking.To show off his skills and increase his business, Wang sometimes buys dashen accounts online to use them as his own.In the Spring Festival of 2019, Wang jie bought an account worth 3,000 yuan on wechat.But after the payment, Wang jie did not get the account number, when Wang Jie realized he had been cheated.”It’s actually quite common and normal.”Wang jie said that sometimes buyers and sellers do not trust each other, so they may jointly seek a guarantor.The so-called “grantor” is usually a very popular agent in the industry or a “god” in the game.Wang Jie in the game scenery is infinite, so also when a few back “insurer”.”In real life, people don’t meet and the guarantor can’t guarantee the safety of transactions.If the deal fails, he doesn’t have to suffer any consequences.”While playing cards and drinking with friends, Mr. Wang brought up his cheating.Friends said, “You’re so famous in the community, you can make money this way.There’s nothing they can do about it. They can’t call the police.”Encouraged by his friends, Wang Jie seems to have found a business opportunity.Wang Jie found that his training a month also earn 4000 yuan, but “cheat number” can be “a night on the top of a month’s income”.Relying on his fame in the online world, Wang Jie began to cheat.He would sometimes lie about the number of the sale and then disappear after the money was wired.A month down, Wang Jie also only cheated a few hundred yuan.Then, Wang Jie changed a way.He used a small trumpet to first announce the news of the sale number, which attracted a certain degree of attention, and then used his “Great God” as a “guarantor”.The insurer said to the buyer, “You give me the money first, and I will give him the money after he gives me the number.If he lies to you, I won’t pay him.It’s a guarantee for both sides.”After changing the way, Wang Jie succeeded time and again, the most cheated 6000 yuan.One of the victims in Zhangjiagang called the police after being tricked, and the police identified the suspects based on information such as money transfer records.After further investigation, wang Jie found a total of 33 victims of fraud, fraud amount of more than 28,000 yuan.In June 2021, the public security organ transferred the case to zhangjiagang Procuratorate for examination and prosecution.Source: Procuratorial Daily