Red Devils 7 series released!The first screen under the camera game phone, the first red core

2022-07-03 0 By

With the Redmi K50 series unveiled last night, the launch of new phones later this month kicked off.Just this afternoon, the much-hyped and much-hyped Red Devils series 7 was officially unveiled.According to the press release, the new series includes red Devil 7 and Red Devil 7 Pro, with different designs and hardware configurations.As you can see below, both Red Devil 7 and Red Devil 7 Pro have a trendy mecha style, with high precision etched armor on the back, RGB logo and atmosphere lights to make the overall look cool.Of course, this highly recognizable appearance may also make the player a little different from the masses of users, walking in the crowd with the phone may be a little “social death”.At the same time, red Devil 7 and Red Devil 7 Pro are obviously different in the arrangement of the rear camera. The former is a three-shot vertically arranged in the center, while the latter is a three-shot matrix with rounded corners in the center.In terms of hardware, Both Red Devil 7 and Red Devil 7 Pro are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, combined with UFS 3.1 and full Blood LPDDR5 operating storage, which has very strong performance and an Tutu tu runs more than 1.1 million points.In terms of battery life, red Devil 7 and Red Devil 7 Pro are slightly different. The former is equipped with 4500mAh large battery, supporting 120W flash charge and charging in 17 minutes.The latter is 5000mAh battery, support 135W magic flash quick charge, can be full in 15 minutes.The screen is also different from red Devil 7 Pro.Both feature 6.8-inch AMOLED screens with DC dimming, seventh-generation on-screen fingerprint and heart rate monitoring.The former supports 165Hz high brush and 720Hz touch sampling rate;The latter is 7-layer transparent material, adopts the under-screen camera technology, built-in UDC Pro display chip, supports 120Hz high brush, 920Hz touch sampling rate, etc.In addition, Red Devil 7 Pro also carries the Red Core 1 game chip for the first time, which makes the game experience even better.In addition, red Devil 7 and Red Devil 7 Pro have different cameras.The former has a single 8-megapixel front and a three-megapixel 64-megapixel rear;The latter has a single 16 megapixel front screen and a 64 megapixel triple rear screen.Finally, both models have dual stereo speakers, DTS surround sound certification, dual X-axis motors and more.In terms of heat dissipation, both models have built-in heat dissipation fan and large area VC heat sink plate, with first-class heat dissipation capacity in the industry.Finally, in the price part, red Devil 7 8+128GB 3899 yuan, only the Night Knight optional;12+128GB/256GB versions are priced at 4399/4799 YUAN respectively, with two color options of Dark Knight and Cyberneon, deium front transparent version 12+256GB 4899 yuan, 16+512GB 5499 yuan;Red Magic 7 Pro 12+128GB 4799 yuan, 12+256GB 5199 optional Rainbow color, 16+256GB 5599 yuan, deium front transparent version 12+256GB 5299 yuan, 16+256GB 5699 yuan, 18+512GB 6499 yuan, 18+1TB,Priced at 7,499 yuan.