The NBA’s most inward-looking 2000s: Duncan’s rivalry with each other has affected their respective historical rankings

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The NBA’s all-time rankings are a perennial topic, and the comparison between the top stars is the most fascinating.However, in the current mainstream media rankings, the three biggest stars of the 2000s kobe Bryant, Duncan, Shaquille O ‘Neal are the top 10 goalkeepers in rotation, compared to the decade’s Lebron James is the second highest in history, not a small gap, we look at the specific reasons.▼ honor and data of the defect on the surface, actually kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, o ‘neill’s status has some merit in 8, 9, 10, kobe and shaq were only one MVP, is the least in the top ten star, this has hit two people ranking, but Duncan has two MVP and three FMVP, but averaged data and not very good.Duncan career regular season all 19 + 11, 21 + 11 playoffs, looks very general, and also is the peak Duncan averaged just over 25, compared to other star not how awesome, at this level, Duncan, there are less valued in the media, and even some media will put hakeem or Kevin durant in history top 10, Duncan is neglected.Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Shaquille O ‘Neal are not good enough because they are not good enough.In fact, it can not be understood this way. A primary problem is the inner coil caused by the strong competitiveness in the 2000s.In fact, in every era of NBA, there will be superstars, their level and strength is significantly higher than other stars, and will occupy a large number of high-level honors and championships.The ’60s had Wilt chamberlain and Russell, the’ 70s had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the ’80s had Magic and Bird, the’ 90s had Jordan, the ’10s had Lebron James, and the’ 00s had Kobe, Duncan and Shaquille O ‘Neal.From 2000 to 2009, the two teams played in the Finals every year, and the two sides played directly in the Western Conference for as many as five times. Moreover, when the season was a championship level direct dialogue, intangibles blocked each other’s progress, and correspondingly interfered with the speed of accumulation of honors.In the 75-year history of the NBA, which stage was the most competitive and competitive?Many fans may recall the ’90s, but the pace, intensity, and tactical complexity of the’ 90s were not as intense as the ’00s. The 2010 Yellow-Green Series was the most intense finals in history, and the 2005 Spurs and Pistons were second.Look from the team scoring again, 00 s is the NBA record lows, 95 regular season game points + is the norm, the playoffs 85 + is the norm, with very wide of the scale of the referee, plus legal defense, defensive tactics more rich, team, headed by the spurs, the pistons and Celtic are a top-level defense system is established.Just mentioned Duncan’s data is not good enough, in fact, Kobe Bryant, O ‘Neal’s career average is not bright, Kobe Bryant scored less than 25 points per game (24.997), O ‘Neal is less than 24, to know that the peak of the Sharks playoff is 30+ level, Kobe Bryant is a single season 35.4 points “horrible” performance.However, these statistics seem to be insignificant in terms of current vision and competition, but in fact, people ignore the environment. It is easy to pass 110 in a game nowadays, and average in the 25’s or 30’s and 00’s is not a concept, nor a difficulty.Many new fans believe that the highest ranking in the NBA is the best, but the two are not exactly the same.Ranking according to the accumulation of honors is, first, a track to follow, second, relatively objective, and third, concise and clear. It is of great benefit to the promotion of NBA, especially for fans to establish the overall impression of NBA. Of course, it is also a major positive factor in creating topics to attract traffic.Rankings based on accumulated honors are fine in the grand scheme of things, but in the same class of stars, it’s hard to measure by pure numbers.Such as by honor to measure center, kareem abdul-jabbar, chamberlain, Russell is in front of the o ‘neill, but actual combat ability, especially the peak height, most professional players are no hesitate to choose the big shark, because in the perspective of the players, according to the field of level to judge ability, no one who would think of MVP, or more than a, who is ill.Such as kobe Bryant and lebron James again, look from the accumulation of honor, James is significantly higher than kobe Bryant, but in the contemporary international, the vast majority of people think kobe Bryant is more severe, dirk nowitzki, Duncan said kobe Bryant is the era of the greatest star, parker is more straightforward, he pointed out that their and peak secco zhan for many times, he thinks kobe Bryant is stronger.In fact, Bryant, Duncan and O ‘Neal all deserve to be named to the NBA all-Nba Team based on the above comprehensive evaluation of honor and ability.Among them, Duncan is no better than the fourth position, SHAq should also be in front of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Chamberlain, only Kobe Bryant in the quarterback can only be second, because honor, ability, influence can not pick the fault of Jordan is untouchable.