Xiamen cheered for the Winter Olympics with a flash mob titled “Hi Beijing! Hi Winter Olympics”

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“Hi, Beijing! Hi, Winter Olympics” flash recording scene.Xiang ‘an District for map China New Network Xiamen February 12 (reporter Yang Fushan) led by the Fujian Nationality Olympic champion, world champion, athletes, fujian business and Taiwan business representatives, singers, builders, volunteers, children and other xiamen representatives from all walks of life to participate in the recording of the “Hi, Beijing!Hi, “Winter Olympics” flash flash, will be officially launched on 15th, in the form of “singing and dancing flash + collective help”, to convey the spirit of sports, cheer for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Hi, Beijing!Athletes, entrepreneurs, builders, tax workers, volunteers, media workers and other people from different work positions participate in the song, with their own enthusiasm to sing the Winter Olympics songs, showing the spirit of sports in xiamen.Chen Zhonghe, former head coach of Chinese women’s volleyball Team, Fang Bo, world champion of table tennis, Zhang Jingjing, world champion of women’s pistol, world champion of shooting, Lin Zhongzai, head coach of Men’s air pistol of Chinese shooting team, as well as Olympic champions, world champions and athletes from Fujian who participated in the flash mob activity all gave their blessings to the flash mob.World champion Guo Yuehua and Olympic champion Ji Xinpeng have joined the song in previous recordings.When guo Yuehua and Ji Xinpeng joined hands with athletes from Fujian to help the song.Zhang Binbin, the world champion in shooting from Xiang ‘an, Xiamen, Dai Xiaoxiang, the bronze medalist in archery at the London Olympic Games, and Huang Yongze, the gold medalist in men’s canoe slalom at the 13th National Games and the 2019 Rafting World Championships, also took part in the event.”As a native of Xiamen, I am sure I will be happy and proud,” Dai xiaoxiang told reporters.Huang Yongze, who coaches the xiamen Water Sports Center’s whitewater canoe team, said the Winter Olympics have shown a good face for our country. ‘I want to take this opportunity to cheer for China’s ice and snow athletes and wish them good results.’People from different jobs participated in the flash mob, singing the Winter Olympics songs with their own enthusiasm, demonstrating the spiritual power of sports spirit in xiamen.Zheng Peifeng, a famous table tennis player from Jinjiang, Fujian province, was once praised by the media as “the successor of Xu Xin’s straight-shot style”. After retiring in November last year, he returned to Fujian to serve as the head coach of fujian Provincial men’s Table Tennis Team.”Behind every athlete’s wonderful performance, team strength and individual efforts are indispensable.”Zheng peifeng said that no matter in the Olympic Games or other competitions, the biggest desire of athletes on the field is to win glory for the country. He also hopes to help the Winter Olympics with his own efforts and carry forward the spirit of sports.It is understood that the flash mob activity is under construction in Xiamen’s new sports center, which will also be the venue of the 18th AFC Asian Cup in xiamen in 2023.Now, the main steel structure of the pavilion has been completed, and the ALC partition wall and mechanical and electrical installation are under construction.”We’re proud to be a part of the flash mob.”Zhang Wence, deputy chief engineer of the new sports center project department of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, told the reporter that everyone involved in the construction of the stadium is contributing to the sports spirit of Xiamen with great enthusiasm. During the Spring Festival, many builders stick to their posts and do their best to sprint the deadline.Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Mascots “Bing Dwen Dwen” and the winter Paralympic mascots “Xue Rong Rong” appear, making the pop-up MV(music video) feel full of atmosphere.Out of the ceramic version of ice dun dun, snow Rong Rong from fujian Dehua a ceramic enterprise.Chi Zhuxiang, the person in charge of the enterprise, said that everyone’s love for bing Dun Dun, snow Rong Rong, reflects the love of the country, the spirit of sports, we are now full horsepower production, hope to produce each piece of work, can deliver a love.(after)