146 modern wind four bedrooms, in the gray and black in the red doll chair particularly eye-catching

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Today to appreciate a group of avant-garde personality 146 flat modern style bridal chamber decoration.Black and white gray cool tone, let the whole space full of style.The designer took into full consideration the residential needs of the owners.Soft outfit collocation no matter material, color and lighting design, all show the modern light luxury style, simple and refreshing but not simple texture.Stylist USES “zero” to the design concept of “whole” discard excess household act the role ofing is tasted, let light can penetrate every corner in the home better clear and quiet a minimalist stair adornment design, let originally ordinary quiet sofa background much a few minutes is clever and beautiful atmosphere, so choose the right adornment picture, for appearance level is a decisive role.Living room space has soft light comfortable furniture trendy ornaments comfortable and texture progress each layout design is just the right living room space without redundant decoration, simple and generous hard outfit, comfortable texture of soft outfit collocation, the overall feeling gives a person, is simple and full of texture.The TV ark of brunet attune + white condole ark, form contrast with the setting of light color, join droplight of black line, much a few minutes fashionable sense, also rich administrative levels feeling of the space.Into the bedroom to see the comfortable bay window, bright sunshine, here full of vitality to meet the new day, but also here to put down the exhaustion of a day.On the marble table with natural sense, there are green plants full of natural vitality. Under the simple linear spotlight, it seems to be quiet and peaceful all the more.Of children room sufficient consideration child grow by nature moved position of children door to do a whole face to receive a space to satisfy in the future store content to receive the dimension between the main function such as sitting room, bedroom, toilet and kitchen and proportion moderate, be helpful for daylighting and ventilated, live rise comfortable, convenient.